Continuing HBO Max's continued push into streaming by extending movie franchises comes news that Team Downey, Robert Downey Jr's production company, is developing two Sherlock Holmes-related projects for the streamer.

That's all we actually know. We don't know whether these shows will actually be connected to Downey's two Sherlock Holmes movies, nor whether he will star in either of the shows.

The 'news' also serves as a reminder that Team Downey are producing a Perry Mason series for HBO. Yes, we have already seen one season of the show. But... did we really? The Berenstain Bears of television, I fear we are under a mass delusion that any of us actually saw that show. I remember liking it. But also, I've not heard anyone mention it since the show aired.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ TV Universe in the Works at HBO Max
Robert Downey Jr. and Lionel Wigram will reteam to exec produce the franchise, which currently has two shows in early development.

Discovery-WarnerMedia merger to close this Friday

The merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia is expected to close this Friday at the close of business, with the newly-merged company set to trade properly the coming Monday. This is a formality at this stage, but will have huge ramifications on staff at each company as they learn whether they will still have a job soon. Don't get distracted by news of high level executives leaving - they'll be fine and will land elsewhere. But thousands of everyday workers have a nervous few weeks ahead.

Discovery-WarnerMedia Merger Could Close as Early as This Friday (EXCLUSIVE)
The Discovery-WarnerMedia merger could close as early as Friday, Variety has learned exclusively. Previously, insiders said the transaction between Discovery and WarnerMedia’s current owner AT&…

Speaking of execs...

The Jason Kilar exit interview

Current WarnerMedia chief Jason Kilar is leaving the company when the merger finalises. There's no word on where he is off to (I rather like the suggestion of him heading up Paramount Global, not that the role is currently open - but it should be).

Kilar has given an exit interview of sorts to Recode's Peter Kafka. The most interesting part is his views on the future of cinema exhibition:

Jason Kilar
I think there will be room in mainstream theaters, but non-exclusively. I think that the biggest, IMAX-worthy spectacles will have exclusive theatrical runs, albeit shorter than the industry is used to. But I do think there will be ample room in the theaters for romantic comedies, for nuanced dramas, but those motion pictures will not be exclusively distributed in theaters.

Peter Kafka
I’m wondering, if I’m running a theater chain, how I convince myself to make room for a romantic comedy, when I know the most consistent audience is going to be for these event movies, and maybe horror as well. It seems like ultimately I’m going to give that real estate over to the big franchises.

Jason Kilar
I think you’ll give your first real estate over to the big spectacles. No doubt about that. But keep in mind a lot of these theaters have 12, 20, 20-plus screens. So I do believe not every screen is going to be given to a superhero movie. The theaters are going to act in their own interest, and I do think their best interest is going to be leading with spectacle … but I do believe the future of the industry is going to entail romantic comedies and nuanced dramas on a non-exclusive basis, on some screens.

Ann Sarnoff is also out

The head of WarnerMedia's feature film studio is also out the door once the merger closes.

Ann Sarnoff Out at WarnerMedia as Discovery Merger Nears Closing
WarnerMedia studios and networks group chairman and CEO Ann Sarnoff is exiting her post, sources tell Variety. Sarnoff was informed by leadership on Tuesday that her position would be eliminated, o…

Jason Momoa is the Chief of War

The movie's Aquaman will star in a new Apple TV+ series called Chief of War. It is a limited, single-season series in which he will not just star, but he's also writing it. But, he's already the star of Apple TV+'s See, I hear you shout. It's okay, that show is continuing on to a third season.

Jason Momoa To Headline ‘Chief Of War’ Limited Series For Apple TV+
Apple TV+ has given a straight-to-series order to Chief of War, a limited series starring, written and executive produced by Jason Momoa. It hails from Endeavor Content and Chernin Entertainment. C…

TeeVee Snacks

  • Sky will look at the rise of facism in Italy with a new series about Mussolini. Read: THR
  • Physical returns to Apple TV+ for season 2 on June 3. Read: Dark Horizons
  • This disturbs me: PSVR2's eyetracking will allow you to wink at people in virtual reality. Read: Upload VR
  • Romcom queen Nancy Meyers is working on a film for Netflix. Her first in 7 years. Read: THR
  • West Duchovny (daughter of Tea Leoni and papa David) will star in new Hulu series Saint X. Read: Variety
  • Snowfall has been renewed for a sith and final season. Read: thefutoncritic
  • The final season of Picard will reunite Capt Picard with multiple Star Trek: TNG returning characters: Worf, Geordi, Riker, Data, and Troi. Read: The Verge

Trailer Park

Outer Banks debuts April 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

Barry season 3 debuts April 24 on HBO.

Gentleman Jack returns to HBO April 25 for its second season.

That's it for today. Go out. Enjoy the world.