Remember the 1995 Sean Connery film Just Cause? It was a legal crime thriller about a legal professor who is convinced ti travel to Florida to investigate the conviction of a man on death row. You may not remember the film, or may just vaguely recall it. But someone who remembers the film really well is actor Scarlett Johansson. She was in the film playing Sean Connery's young daughter - one of her very first on-screen roles.

Now Johansson is making her first TV series, a remake of Just Cause. The new limited series for Amazon Prime Video will take a slightly different approach to the concept. She'll play a reporter investigating the conviction of the man on death row, rather than a legal professor (which makes sense - how many law professors are in their mid-30s?).

Scarlett Johansson to Lead ‘Just Cause’ Series for Amazon
The Warner Bros. TV-produced thriller will mark her first lead role in a TV project.
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