Woody Allen and Amazon has settled out of court. Woody was irked Amazon wasn’t honouring its film deal with him. Amazon claimed it couldn’t promote his movie A Rainy Day In New York because of comments Woody made in the press.

Source: New York Times

In unexpected news, Weeds is set to make a return. Currently, there’s just a pilot order for the revival, to be called Weeds 4.20, but it is expected to again star Mary-Louise Parker.

It is believed that the show will again focus on the Botwin family ten years after the end of the original series run as they operate in a modern America that has legalised weed.

The series reminds me that Terry Zwigoff’s weed-focused pilot for Amazon, Budding Prospects, never seemed to eventuate as a series.

Source: Variety

Mary Louise Parker Weeds

BH90210 has, to no surprise to anyone, been cancelled after its first season. Exec Producer and star Jennie Garth holds out hope that a second season may make its way into production:

Another cancellation over the weekend: Fresh Off The Boat, a sitcom that will see out its sixth season on air before wrapping up.

Source: Dark Horizons

Abc Cancels Fresh Off The Boat

Adam Scott has a new TV series. Severance is being produced for Apple TV+ and will be directed by Ben Stiller. What’s it about?

Details on the plot are pretty light, but it’s being described as “a workplace thriller” about “a company that’s looking to take work-life balance to a new level.”

Something to consider as you start your work week…

Source: The AV Club

Days of Our Lives is embarking on a time jump, moving the show one year into the future. I presume from the glacial pace of its plots generally that the show is currently set in 1973.

It’s actually a pretty big risk for a soap opera to embark on - part of why they are so successful is consistency. A viewer can miss an episode or two, but still be able to pick it right up again where they left off with only a few minor aspects to catch up on. If viewers feel like they missed out on a full year of that flow, maybe it provides an opportunity for disinterest to take hold.

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And finally…

Sesame Street turned 50 on Sunday with the first episode going to air on Nov 10, 1969. There are a lot of articles looking back on it, but my favourite is this from CNN with a collection of great photos of the early years of Sesame Street.