This is my Continue Watching row on Netflix:

Four of these titles I am eager to get back to. But then there is 365 Days, which was the absolute worst I have seen this year that wasn’t called Rostered On. There’s no chance I am going to ‘continue watching’ either of them.

Thankfully Twitter is now rolling out a feature that will enable people to delete titles from this row.

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An American Pickle is the new Seth Rogen film. It’s about a construction worker who falls into a vat of pickles, is preserved, and emerges 100 years later to our modern day.

It debuts on August 6 on HBO Max in the US - I’m not sure where the film will debut internationally.

Quibi Cancellations

A reminder that if you subscribed for the free three-month Quibi deal on day one, you’ll be billed for it later today. So, if you don’t want to stick with the service (and fair enough - the content delivered over the past two-months has been pretty sub-standard), get onto that ASAP.

Alan Jones, the Sydney talkback radio giant, is now off the radio. But his new Sky News After Dark show launches tonight. What can you expect?

Jones, who spent 35 years on radio, envisages that his new show will cover between eight and 12 important issues each episode, featuring regular guests such as Mark Latham, Campbell Newman, Peta Credlin and Kate McGregor.

I think I’ll stick to watching, well, anything else.

Source: The Australian

Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene has been cancelled after just one season on The CW. It was a mercy kill - good cast and great-looking visual design, but the writing on the show was just excruciating.

Warner Bros is reportedly shopping it around to other platforms.

Source: Variety

Katy Keene -- "Pilot" -- Image

The Kominsky Method is another weekend cancellation.

Netflix has announced that the third season of the Chuck Lorre-produced comedy will be its last.

Source: Deadline

The Kominsky Method

Last week in the ABW newsletter I posted a link to a Vulture interview with the producers of Floor is Lava revealing the secrets behind the production. There’s a similar article over at The Hollywood Reporter that covers much the same ground. The most fascinating new thing tho: the show was filmed in an old Ikea store.

The studios here, we called everybody. We asked all of the main studios and nobody wanted 100,000 gallons of lava on their stuff, which is understandable. Even the places with giant pools that typically hold water, lava is heavier than water so they didn't want that in their pools either. So we ended up lucking out and we found this Ikea and it was huge. We had all of our different teams in there. There was a welding shop and the casting department and challenge producers had a giant office that they were working in. It ended up working out really well. The main stage is in, I guess the self-serve area of Ikea?

Source: THR

Creators Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath answer the biggest burning questions about Netflix's goofy game show.

Standup comedian Hannibal Buress has published his latest special to YouTube.

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