NBC comedy Trial & Error has been cancelled - the crime committed: Not huge ratings plus it wasn’t owned by NBC, which makes it less profitable to keep on the air.

The BBC/ITV streaming service for the US/Canada BritBox now has half a million subscribers.

Here is maybe the biggest head-scratching story of 2019 so far…

International fans of Star Trek: Discovery were annoyed that Netflix weren’t streaming a series of short films CBS All Access produced to tie in with the show. But, now they’re available and there’s no Netflix algorithm pushing them to fans…

Short Treks are now streaming on Netflix globally… only, here’s the thing: You cannot even find them by searching.

If you want to see them, you need to load up Star Trek: Discovery and navigate to the Trailers & More section where you will find them if you scroll down a bit. It’s putting the Discovery into Star Trek.

On 8 February Netflix will drop the new Steven Soderbergh film High Flying Bird. As with his film Unsafe (which is a pretty fun, C-grade schlock thriller), this has been shot completely on an iPhone.

Soderbergh, who publicly retired from filmmaking a few years ago, also has another Netflix movie The Laundromat due later this year about The Panama Papers.

In more Steven Soderbergh-related news, he is producing Greg Araki’s new Starz series, Now Apocalypse.

As per Dark Horizons:

As typical for Araki, it’s a colorful, surreal and fun coming-of-age tale dealing with young twentysomething Americans exploring their sexual fluidity along with what looks like something of an alien invasion. Avan Jogia stars as Ulysses who, along with his friends, are on a quest in pursuit of love, sex and fame all while dealing with premonitions hinting at a dark and monstrous conspiracy.

Greg Araki has directed all ten episodes of the show. Joining him as a co-writer on the series is Karley Sciortino, who you may know as the host of the quite good VICELAND show Slutever.

And speaking of VICELAND…

VICELAND is launching a new 2-hour long talk show running four nights a week from Monday 25 February. It’ll run 9-11pm. VICE LIVE will broadcast live (it’s in the name), integrate social heavily, and cover the day’s “hottest topics and trends, capitalizing on VICE's deep bench of young creators with diverse voices from its offices around the world.”

It’ll be a panel chat featuring:

  • Comedian/actress Marie Faustin
  • Writer/comedian/internet provocateur Zack Fox
  • Comedian/director/photographer Sandy Honig
  • Rapper/host Fat Tony

And finally…

Sony are shuttering the Latin American Crackle streaming service. Somehow the Australian one is still going, but it is the home for Days of Our Lives in this country, so thank god.