It’s a quiet start to the week, so today’s ABW will be thankfully a super short one.


Later today is the 2019 Emmy Awards. I’m less enthused about this year’s Emmy’s than I usually am - I’m not really sure why the horse race of it all has me less interested. It might just be the inevitability of seeing Game of Thrones take all of the awards.

There may have been some GoT backlash this past season, but by and large I think most viewers were fine with what they saw and that will be reflected within the awards. The final season was television produced at a scale never before seen and I would assume the voting body will be appreciative of that. A successful Game of Thrones is very healthy for the industry as a whole.

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The Comedy categories are the interesting ones to look at. The Emmys are notorious for awarding the same shows year in, year out. Veep should benefit from that for its final season, however the wild card here is that it wasn’t on last year, which gave The Marvelous Mrs Maisel a well-deserved win. Will the Emmys give Maisel a second statue in a row for a season that was actually better than its first season, or will it revert to awarding Veep? And then there is the dark horse that is the beloved Fleabag?

My assumption is that voters will split the awards: Maisel for best comedy series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Best Comedy Actress, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge for comedy writing.

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There’s no host this year. Also, there was the promise that the awards would celebrate the many high profile shows that finished their run this past year. I would also expect to see at least one on-stage nod to some of the big anniversaries from this past week. Likely the Friends cast on-stage, but I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if there was some level of ER on-stage representation.

Actor Aron Eisenberg from Deep Space Nine has died. A cause of death was not released, but the actor had recently had two kidney transplants.

Source: CNN

Aron Eisenberg portrays Nog in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine."

And finally…

There’s an animated short starring Spider-Ham that has gone online. He was the breakout character from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and I would expect to see a lot more of Peter Porker in the next year or so.