South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have revealed some details about that whopping 14 movie deal signed with ViacomCBS as the company re-invested big time in all things South Park.

By the end of this year there will be two South Park movies released on Paramount+. The first of these is South Park: Post COVID and that debuts Nov 25.

“It’s the boys dealing with a post-Covid world. They’re just trying to get back to normal,” Parker says, being careful not to let too much slip. “So, it is like our show. We’re just trying to get back to normal.”

But, that announcement that these are 14 South Park "movies" might be over-stating things, apparently. They're more like specials. Don't be expecting the scope and theatricality of Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

“With Viacom, we realized we could make them as long or as short as we needed,” Parker says of the upcoming projects. “And they then went and called them movies. They are the ones who said we are giving them 14 movies in seven years. All I can say is for me, personally, I am 52 years old, I have made three movies in my life. So you do the math.”

Adds Stone, “We’re trying to make what’s on Paramount+ different from anywhere else, so hourlong made-for-TV movies is where our head is at. We’ll do two made-for-TV movies every year. They will be big, but they are not quite movie scale.”
‘South Park’ Creators Elaborate on Paramount+ Movies Plan, Reveal New Details (Exclusive)
Trey Parker and Matt Stone signed a $900 million ViacomCBS deal over the summer for 14 franchise projects specifically for the streaming service, two of which drop separately this year.

TeeVee Snacks

  • Aussie fans of Irvine Welsh will be enthused to know that the adaptation of his book Crime will be streaming in Australia on BritBox, as it will be in other international territories. It debuts Nov 25.
  • The sequel to Zack Snyder's Army of The Dead Netflix film has a title: Planet of The Dead. Read: /Film
  • Apple Music is coming to the PS5. Read: The Verge
  • Great news - the cast of Hangin' With Mr Cooper are up for a reboot. They're just waiting by their phones. Surely Hollywood hasn't lost their numbers... Read: Hollywood Life

How Netflix handled the last scandal

Prior to all of the Dave Chappelle controversy of the last few weeks, the biggest backlash Netflix experienced was the minor uproar about the release of French film Cuties. Critics believed the film about toddler beauty queens was sexualising the children.

Netflix didn't dump Cuties from its platform. But it go out of its way to suppress access to the film.

Behind the scenes, however, Netflix scrambled to minimize public backlash by suppressing the film in search results prior to its release. It removed Cuties from the “coming soon” and “popular searches” categories and excluded it from queries for “cute.” It then adjusted its algorithm so searches for the film would not surface “steamy / sexual titles” or kids’ movies.

Even before the QAnon-fueled public outcry surrounding the film was made, internal documents show Netflix had identified the problematic material in the film:

“The dance scenes are provocative, sexual in nature and can be sometimes uncomfortable to watch, featuring slow-motion shots of 11-year-old girls sucking on their fingers and close-ups on their crotches and behinds.”
Netflix scrambled internally to suppress a controversial movie from search results
How Cuties became a moment of reckoning for Netflix.

Trailer Park

Want to see a really terrible marketing fail? Here's Amazon Prime Video's trailer for a series it has HUGE hopes will catch on with audiences: The Wheel of Time. Is the trailer any good? I pressed play, but I was too busy playing around with the fact it was loaded as a YouTube 360 degree video. But there's not 260 degrees of content - it's a standard screen playing in a 360 degree computer generated environment. So, there's zero value to watching it in 360 degrees and the only thing that happens is you don't pay any attention really to the trailer.

Tiger King 2 debuts on Netflix Nov 17.

True Story, starring Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, debuts on Netflix Nov 24.

Masters of The Universe: Revelation Part 2 debuts on Netflix Nov 23.

Hellbound debuts on Netflix Nov 19.

The Fastest debuts on Netflix Nov 23.

In this unpredictable and thrilling racing competition, drivers from the Middle East with something to prove battle on the track for a cash prize.

Cowboy Bebop debuts Nov 19 on Netflix.

What's next? Tomorrow.