Stars of your favourite 90s TV show Boy Meets World Danielle Fishel, Will Friedel, and Ryder Strong have rejoined to co-host a Boy Meets World podcast. It promises a "rewatch the show through today’s lens [and] stories [and to] visit with familiar faces."

Obviously a must-listen for all of you fans of the show.

Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong & Will Friedle on Digging Deep Into ‘Boy Meets World’
The stars known as Topanga, Shawn, and Eric explain why ‘Pod Meets World’ is more than a TGIF show rewatch.

Someone not taking part (see, I said I was going somewhere with this) is series lead Ben Savage - the titular Boy of the show. Presumably he has other things to do. Also not taking part (presumably) is Maitland Ward, an actor who was credited with being in almost 1/3 of the episodes of the series.

Besides having a great name, Ward is also the author of the new book Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood.

Yes, it appears that Ms Maitland has found a new career since appearing in the teen comedy. On the promo trail for her book, Maitland has talked about the dichotomy of appearing on a family-friendly sitcom where she was encouraged to be sexy, but chided for the same behaviour in real life.

Ward described her time on Boy Meets World as “very confusing” due to conflicting messages she received from the producers about appealing to male viewers while also seeming chaste. “If I was on a show, like Boy Meets World, I could be sexy. I could wear a sheet with little feathers on it in nude pictures that I had for my boyfriend—that’s fine,” she said, describing the plot from an episode in which Rachel’s friends share a racy photo of her as a prank. “If I ever wore anything like that, or did anything suggestive like that in real life, Disney and producers and Hollywood would’ve come down on me. Especially the [cocreator], Michael Jacobs—he was very adamant about me being chaste and the good girl.”

“It was just very confusing,” she said. “It hindered my sexual exploration and finding out who I was for a very long time.”

It's an interesting conversation in the wake of Nickelodeon actors coming out in recent weeks talking about their negative experiences on kid sitcoms. It seems Disney shows were far more protective, but perhaps limiting for some of the actors.

‘Boy Meets World’ Actress Turned Porn Star Says Hollywood Is ‘Very Confusing’
Maitland Ward, the former sitcom star turned adult film performer, shares her experience in Hollywood in her new book, “Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me From Hollywood.”

NBC to farewell its third-hour of broadcasting

This all sounds bizarre from an Australian perspective where the broadcast networks are owned and operated by companies that control the broadcast 24/7 with the exception of slots for regional news in areas outside of the capital cities.

US network NBC is considering dropping its third-hour of primetime TV, giving that time back to local affiliate stations. The 10-11pm hour would say goodbye to what is largely premium drama, and instead open up the slot to local news and, quite likely, see The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon moved forward an hour.

This is the first sign of a US network retreating from broadcast as its primary distribution platform in favor of profits found in streaming.

NBC Could Give Third Hour Of Nightly Primetime Back To Local Affiliates
NBC is considering giving back the 10 p.m. hour of primetime to local affiliates, a potentially significant tipping point for the legacy broadcast TV model. Internal discussions have been going on …

The South Park 25th Anniversary concert

Want to watch the South Park 25th anniversary concert held in Colorado recently? I believe it is streaming on Paramount+. But right now... it's available on YouTube too.

Get married at Taco Bell

At first, it seems like Taco Bell are fulfilling the dreams of millions of people by offering a Taco Bell chapel. Imagine being able to say I do while wiping away a chicken crunchwrap supreme drizzle of cheese from your mouth?

But like the greatest of dreams, it is an empty promise. Yes, Taco Bell is opening a wedding chapel, but it's happening within the metaverse. But before you get too disappointed, know that the bride and groom will receive a wedding certificate NFT.

Taco Bell Opens A Wedding Chapel In The Metaverse - VRScout
Each of these virtual wedding packages includes a marriage certificate memento and wearable NFTs because of course.
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