Stranger Things 3 is coming soon, with Netflix releasing this teaser trailer showcasing episode titles for the upcoming season. But what could it all mean? TV Guide breaks it down.

Remember the disastrous Fyre Festival - the music festival catering towards the kids of the one percenters that went disastrously wrong, prompting the rest of us to cheer? Documentarian Chris Smith, who also made the Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond doco, has a new feature documentary about the festival. FYRE debuts Jan 18 on Netflix.

A crew member on US drama Power was killed on set overnight, prompting the shut down of production. Pedro Jimenez was fatally struck by a SUV at around 4:30 AM ET Monday while setting up parking cones for a Brooklyn location shoot

Deadline reports that the driver was also a member of the Power crew.

The Orville and Good Trouble are looking good for renewals, with California offering sizable tax credits to the production of both for upcoming series.

Completely unrelated, I last night realised that Scott Grimes from the show was also the kid from the 1980s Gremlins rip-off franchise Critters.

Aussie soap Neighbours will have a familiar face returning soon. Alan Dale, who played Jim Robinson, will be back on the show in a limited return. Dale famously said he’d never return to the show, citing constant disagreements with the shows producers. But, after a recent set visit, he agreed to make a return.

"I don't want to ruin the story – you'll have to wait and see," he teases. "I just wanted to finish the circle and put all that stuff [the unhappiness behind his original departure] behind me."

Dale is currently also a regular on The CW’s drama Dynasty.

You may have noticed yesterday’s ABW newsletter mentioned a story in the headline that I neglected to add to the newsletter…

The new Avengers movie Endgame has set a record for the number of views it received in 24 hours via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms - 289 million views. It breaks the previous record by about 60 million views. That film? 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

I thought the new trailer was okay.

Australian subscription IPTV provider Fetch TV are losing three channels in the coming weeks, with Disney folding the Disney XD channel locally. Also, Fetch were unable to come to terms with Foxtel over its general entertainment channels 111Funny and TVHits.

Joining the service is the NBCUniversal channel Oxygen, which will bring a whole lot of true crime. The new channel is interesting for Fetch in that it will bring a linear channel, but also offer all of its content on demand. Hopefully Fetch have another general entertainment replacement in mind for the loss of its other two channels as that is what is sorely missing now on Fetch.

Brian Lowry at CNN has this piece about Warner Brothers extending the Batman brand across multiple TV platforms, with the bat guy taking a rest on the big screen for the moment. A new Batwoman character debuts on the big new DC TV crossover this week on the CW superhero shows.

That’s it from me today.