The fourth season of Stranger Things will do the bulk of its filming in New Mexico. While I’m sure that decision will mostly be for story reasons, it is worth noting (in passing) that Netflix now also have bought a large production facility in Albuquerque that they will be using to film a lot of its shows there.

While Bugs Bunny may have had some difficulty navigating his way around the Albuquerque region, it makes sense for Netflix as it is just 2-hours flight away from LA and (I believe… correct me if I’m wrong) there are govt-driven financial incentives incentives to film there.

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Stranger Things S4 To Shoot In New Mexico

Season 13 of Red Dwarf is launching in the UK on Dave this coming April.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved, an anime based on the live action Netflix series, debuts on the streamer March 19.

There’s more animation worth keeping an eye out for with Central Park debuting on Apple TV+ from May 29. The show is from Bob’s Burgers/Home Videos Loren Bouchard.


Coronavirus has struck again today, wiping out the audiences to Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune in the US. Both shows have eliminated their audiences to help fight the spread of the virus.

One could argue that neither audience is essential to the show. I’m interested in what happens when the late night chat shows follow suit. There the audiences actually are important to the mood of the show. Hopefully the shows take the opportunity to play around with that additional space rather than try to play it as business as usual. Why not have Colbert interview guests away from the desk and in random places around the studio, for example.

One of my favourite Letterman memories was with the host playfully interacting with the audience of 10 or so people who turned up for a taping during a severe snowstorm. Source: Hollywood Reporter

Guests attending the taping of The Bachelor: After The Rose were asked to sign a COVID-19 disclosure form:

'We are asking all guests to confirm they have not traveled within the past three weeks to or through a location that has been deemed "Level 3" by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.'

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I mentioned it in the newsletter last week, but season 33 of The Amazing Race has been suspended due to corona.
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Quibi cancelled its red carpet launch event set for April 5, the night before the service goes live on April 6. Thanks Coronavirus.
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Cannes has been denied Coronavirus insurance. But the event organisers also turned down the offer of coverage that would financially protect them if the event has to be cancelled.
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