Seems like the must-read book over the next few months will be Unscripted: The Epic Battle for a Hollywood Media Empire and the Redstone Family Legacy. The book is about the final years of former National Amusements (the company that controlled Viacom and CBS, which is now Paramount Global) owner Sumner Redstone and the various players seeking to take control of his company when he passed. The players being execs within the company, his daughter Shari, and his girlfriends.

Regularly underestimated by such executives as Moonves and Redstone’s sycophantic chief enabler, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman, Shari nevertheless hung on. Her older brother Brent—who did join the business early on, working briefly and unhappily for Viacom—stopped speaking to their father entirely, moved to a ranch in Colorado, and sued Redstone for more than $1 billion.
The Sleazy, Slimy Drama Behind the Redstone Succession Fight
A bombshell new book from two Pulitzer winners reveals some truly shocking storylines within the real-life “Succession” drama that is the Paramount media empire.
  • Barney is coming back to TV - this time in a computer animated show that debuts in 2024. Read: TV Line
  • With Arrested Development leaving US Netflix, local TV beat reporters are asking whether the Netflix-produced seasons 4+5 will make ths move over to Hulu with the first 3 seasons. Here in Australia, seasons 1-3 have been on Disney+ for some time locally, but there's no sign of those other seasons (which left Netflix some time ago too). Read: TV Line
  • As you may expect, sales of The Last of Us video game have increased following the launch of the show. Read: The Verge
  • Peacock has said yes to Paris Hilton and a second season of Paris In Love. Read: Deadline
  • Bluray set Cheers: The Complete Series is released in April. Read: HD Report
  • Amid all of the Super Bowl ads selling beer, cars, and Michael Keaton as Batman, was a campaign selling Jesus as a vital part of American culture. Ugh, ads. Read: NYT

Sex/Life season 2 debuts March 2 on Netflix.

I know where my plumbing needs are taken care of. (This is obviously a promotion for the Super Mario Bros movie and has nothing to do with the aforementioned Sex/Life... just to clarify).

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