On Saturday morning I went along to see Tenet a second time. The first time I saw it on a VMAX screen (ie the big fancy screens - kind of like a scaled down IMAX), but this time I went to see it in 4DX. I’m sure when Christopher Nolan directed the film it was so that I could sit in a cinema with a vibrating chair on a hydraulic. (It was pretty fun).

My thoughts having seen it twice now:

  • The plot was much easier to track and the time travel mechanics made a lot more sense.
  • I understood the dialogue much better. I suspect the clarity of the audio mix is wildly different based on the settings at your local cinema.
  • After the first time I saw it, I liked it, but don’t really think I understood a whole lot of it. But after two viewings - I really love this film. I’m smitten.
  • I desperately want to visit Oslo.

Warner Bros has reported that the film pulled in $20 million in its opening weekend across the US. Globally it is close to $150 million. The film will continue to play to decent audience sizes globally. The rare circumstance where a movie plays longer than the opening weekend. Read more: Deadline

Christopher Nolan's Tenet to cross 100 million dollars internationally |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Mank Pics

As far as I am concerned, the upcoming David Fincher Netflix movie Mank is THE movie of 2020. I could not be more excited about its impending release. Courtesy of one of Netflix’s many Twitter accounts, we have our first look at the film:

Cya Anna

Anna Faris is leaving the sitcom Mom after seven seasons. This leaves Allison Janney as the sole lead of the show. What is strange about this is that Faris was halfway through a 2-year contract extension.

Source: Deadline

Mom: Season Eight; Anna Faris Leaves CBS Comedy Ahead of Fall 2020 Premiere  - canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

TV is coming back

A bunch of CBS dramas have been given the greenlight to return to production: Blue Bloods, SEAL Team, Nancy Drew, Blood and Treasure, and Charmed.

A new series, Your Honor, from The Good Fight’s Robert & Michelle King, will resume production on its first season. Their other show, Evil, is expected to get a green light shortly.

The staggered nature of the green lights are about each production implementing appropriate COVID-19 safety protocols.

Source: Deadline

Blue Bloods

Calendar for this week

  • An Andy Richter Controls The Universe reunion panel is being held later in the week. Details: @BenBlacker

The TV and comics component of DC Fandome takes place this coming weekend on Sept 12. Unlike the first weekend event, I believe every panel is available on demand, so there’s no need to schedule times.

Watch a movie at The Queen’s house

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a movie at Sandringham Estate and happen to live in the UK, boy is this an opportunity for you. The grounds are being opened up for people to go and watch a drive-in movie on a giant LED screen.

Films include: 1917, Rocketman, Toy Story, The Greatest Showman, Moana, and Grease.

Tickets are priced at £32.50 per vehicle, although viewers can upgrade to a Premium ticket including a deckchair, table, popcorn and more space for £7.50. This takes place over 25th-27th September.

Liz will not be in attendance.

Source: Radio Times

Sandringham Estate

TeeVee Snacks

  • A sequel to Troop Beverly Hills is in the works. No… I don’t understand why either. Source: Variety
  • Comic book website Comixology has a whole lot of free Black Panther comics available to download. About 300 or so. You can find the collection HERE. But be careful that you’re clicking on comics that are free and not ones that will cost you money. Unless you actually want to buy some comics, that is.
  • The ViacomCBS-owned Channel 10 upfronts will take place on Oct 15. This might be a good date to put in your calendar with the international roll-out of the rebranded CBS All Access on the horizon. Source: TV Tonight
  • The Ringer asks: Has Rotten Tomatoes every truly mattered? I know I have made the decision not to see some movies based on terrible scores. Source: The Ringer

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