Tim Burton making an Addams Family TV series!

Tim Burton is coming back to TV. His interest in TV has so far been limited to the Beetlejuice animated show when that delighted my life as a kid. But now he has plans to do actual grown-up TV with a live-action series based on The Addams Family told from the perspective of daughter Wednesday.

Talk is that Burton might direct every episode. That all seems like good news. But you can’t ever appreciate the sweet without the sour: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville, Shanghai Noon) will serve as head writers and showrunners.

MGM TV, which controls underlying rights to the IP, financed the development of the series. As of right now, the package has multiple buyers bidding for it, including Netflix, which sources say is at the top of the list of landing the project.

I’d like to make mention here that living treasure John Astin is very much still with us.

Source: Deadline

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The Grim Truth About THE ADDAMS FAMILY – The 13th Floor

Flashdance - the TV series

A Flashdance TV series is in development for Paramount+. The new version:

The new take will revolve around a young Black woman with ballet dreams and a strip club reality who struggles to find her place in the world while navigating romance, money, art, friendship and how to love herself.

Source: THR

TeeVee Snacks

  • Seven has axed drama Between Two Worlds, to nobody’s surprise. Source: TV Tonight
  • Todd Haynes is directing a documentary about The Velvet Underground titled The Velvet Underground. It has been acquired by Apple TV+. Source: THR
  • Today marks 25 years since Foxtel launched in Australia. Source: TV Tonight
  • Miracle Workers has been renewed for a third season. The same cast return, only now the show will be set in 1844. Read: Deadline
Miracle Workers

Playstation 5 unveils remote control

Video game consoles have rarely put their streaming abilities for services like Netflix front and center. It has been an effort to sell these boxes on the strength of their gaming capabilities and to play down their role as something that can be used by the entire family. And that makes sense - a gaming machine is cool. A device used to watch The Crown - not so much.

The new Playstation remote has been revealed and that changes things up. It will feature dedicated buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. As usual, the remote is an additional extra. It should retail for about thirty bucks (US).

Apps on the PS5 include: include apps for Apple TV, Disney Plus, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon’s Twitch, and Crunchyroll.

Source: Variety

Nada Surf release 10-minute film

Popular band Nada Surf has a new 10-minute music video / short film. It was directed by Mark Pellington.

Always Be Listening

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  • Film & media journalist Michael Bodey on the current state and future of cinema exhibition in Australia.
  • Technology journalist Daniel Tyson on the new Google Chromecast powered by Google TV. This is the Chromecast you know, only now with a remote control and an interface. We talk about what it is and whether you should buy it.

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Trailer Park

Your Honor launches on Showtime on Dec 6. It will also stream in Australia on Stan.

Servant returns for a second season on Apple TV+ on January 15. The first season was delightfully creepy.

News of The World is the big new Paul Greengrass film starring Tom Hanks. It’s supposedly in cinemas for Christmas.

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on The Square debuts on Netflix Nov 22.

Christmas On The Square follows small town "Scrooge" Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski) as she's visited by a rhinestone-bedazzled angel (Dolly) who guides her on a musical journey of redemption. Will this stingy property owner evict the entire town of Fullerville on Christmas Eve, or will her greed give way to the Christmas spirit?

The Prom is a new Ryan Murphy film launching on Netflix Dec 11.

The Life Ahead debuts on Netflix Nov 13. The film stars Sophia Loren and Ibrahima Gueye.

Docu-series The Regans debuts on Showtime on Nov 15.

Voices of Fire debuts on Netflix Nov 20.

Paranormal debuts on Netflix Dec 5.

The Liberator debuts on Netflix Nov 11.

Film Run debuts on Hulu on Nov 20.

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