When Hamilton debuts on Disney+ in July, it will include one use of the F-word. For Disney+ that’s a lot. But for Hamilton, that is a reduction.

Source: TV Line

Oh… and there’s now a trailer:

Episode 8 of Workaholics featured guest star Chris D’Elia playing a child molester. That episode has now been removed from Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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This is kind of weird as The Cosby Show has never been removed from Amazon Prime Video in the US. All eight seasons are still there - as are three seasons of his 90s sitcom Cosby. AND there’s also two episodes of 1968’s The Bill Cosby Show.

Clearly the decision lies with the shows distributor and not the platforms.

Breaking: People are still watching TV.

Yellowstone debuted its third season in the US to four million people on Paramount Network. This is up 76% on its season two return. Source: Variety

Meanwhile Perry Mason on premium cable channel HBO (and all of its various pay platforms) pulled in 1.7 million for its first episode. This is its best rating in almost two years and outperformed both The Outsider and Watchmen. Source: Deadline

My Perry Mason thoughts: Look, it’s good. But I kind of wanted to see a show about Perry Mason when I hit play. At least give us the classic theme song.

perry mason hbo matthew rhys

Karate Kid sequel TV series Cobra Kai has found a new home. The first two seasons and its upcoming third season will move over to Netflix. Source: Variety

Strange news today - Michael Keaton is in talks to come back to play Batman. This will be for the upcoming The Flash movie which will play on a similar idea to the multiple earths seen in all the DC CW TV shows in their huge TV crossover event late last year. Source: Dark Horizons

Keaton In Talks To Reprise Batman For Flash

The Baby-Sitters Club returns to the world as a new 10-episode Netflix series from July 3. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this trailer:

If you were holding out hope for The Handmaid’s Tale to return in 2020… sorry. Production was shut down due to the stupid virus and Hulu has now announced a 2021 return for The Handmaid’s Tale.

As part of the same announcement, the anticipated new show Y: The Last Man will debut exclusively on Hulu as an FX On Hulu series, bypassing cable network FX. Similarly the American Horror Story spinoff American Horror Stories will also debut as an FX On Hulu original.

Why is this interesting? Two reasons:

  1. It basically shows that all of the high profile shows being produced for FX are going straight to streaming and are skipping traditional cable TV entirely.
  2. Ryan Murphy signed a huge exclusive deal with Netflix, but we’re still seeing new shows from his production company appearing on competing services. In this case, American Horror Stories on Hulu.

Source: Variety

Debuting on Apple TV+ next year is an adaptation of the Isaac Asimov book Foundation.

Speaking of Apple, the tech company unveiled its annual operating system updates today. Relevant to people who watch things:

  • Apple TV viewers will be able to watch YouTube in 4k. Source: The Verge
  • Multi-user support will be introduced for Apple TV.
  • There will be better picture in picture functionality on Apple TV. Source: The Verge

The HUGE game changer seems small right now (but I guarantee you that it’ll not only change how people are watching TV/movies on their devices AND increase the amount being watched) is that picture in picture viewing will also be introduced to the iPhone. This means people will be able to watch while doing other things on the phone. Source: Macrumors

The Circus returns August 16.

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