The US Thanksgiving holiday means TV news coming out of the US continues to be a bit light on. But, expect an avalanche of trailers and promotional stories over the next week or so as the US streamers and networks all start preparing for Christmas. It has become a very busy time to capture attention and viewers credit card details in recent years as media companies recognise the Christmas break has a lot of people sitting around for a week or so trying not to engage their families.

Until then... on with some quick bite news of the day...

  • Robocop 2 screenwriter Frank Miller is set to create, write and executive produce a six-episode live-action series adaptation of Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese adventure graphic novels. Read: Dark Horizons
  • Warner Bros Discovery execs are in Australia this week talking with Foxtel and Nine Entertainment Co about the HBO output deal. I'd be very surprised if either sign a deal and WBD doesn't launch HBO Max (or whatever it will soon be branded as) in Australia. It is completely counter to every statement WBD execs have made in recent months. But we'll see. Read: SMH
  • Box office dud Bros will debut on Peacock Dec 2. Read: TV Line
  • RIP comedian and occasional actor Freddie Roman. Read: TV Insider
  • Richard Lewis will be back in the 12th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, bringing a sense of calm to the universe. Read: TV Insider
  • When I was a kid, Dr James Wright was all over my TV. He passed away at the age of 94. Apparently James Wright wasn't his actual name. Mind blown. Read: TV Tonight

1923 debuts on Paramount+ Dec 18. It is a great opportunity for up-and-comers Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford to finally get some time in the spotlight.

The Big 4 is a film debuting Dec 15 on Netflix.

Four retired assassins spring back into action when they cross paths with a straight-arrow cop who's determined to track down an elusive murderer.

Private Lesson debuts on Netflix Dec 16. It is a film, but please don't mistake it for 1981 film Private Lessons - I know which of the two I would rather be watching come Dec 16...

Transfusion debuts on Stan Jan 20. It will have a cinema run from Jan 5.

That's it for today.