While it stays profitable, Fox will keep making it - The Simpsons has been guaranteed a 31st and 32nd season. The show was speculated to be brought to an artificial end, with the profit potential of The Simpsons greater as a cancelled show than as an ongoing. With season 32, it means that the show has run 3 times longer than the period I ever watched it. The renewal brings the series to 713 episodes.

There’s a wonderful Hollywood Reporter feature about the behind the scenes work that goes into Sesame Street. Included in the article are some great behind-the-scenes photos. It’s a breezy long-read about the history of the show, and its recent evolution to take the show internationally and online.

Birds Of a Feather, revived by ITV in 2014, has been cancelled.

Todd VanDerWerff takes a look at Netflix’s self-reporting of viewership over at Vox:

But if you possess even an ounce of skepticism, I hope you can see why many TV journalists found Netflix’s numbers suspect. Both You and Sex Education appear to be performing well for Netflix. Both have been renewed for additional seasons, after all (though You’s was technically ordered by Lifetime before Netflix picked it up). But if 40 million people are watching them worldwide, that would put them among the biggest TV hits on earth, on the level of something like Game of Thrones, a legitimate global phenomenon. And just think about the culture around you. Does it feel like either of those shows is that big? Be honest.

The first trailer for HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed has been released. It’s a four-part documentary series based on the case brought to global attention by season one of the Serial podcast.

And finally…

Marilyn Manson looks different without the makeup.