The death of Queen Elizabeth II is as much a cultural event as it is an event of political consequence. As of today, we now have a new king in the form of King Charles III. As far as royalty goes, I don't mind that guy - he has been vocal for as long as I can remember about climate change. He's certainly more switched on than most of that family.

As you'd expect, the death of Queen Elizabeth II is a huge TV story and will dominate screens over the coming days with non-stop coverage.

The UK has seen wall-to-wall TV coverage of the death of the Queen. BBC World News is very much the destination for the rolling news coverage for the rest of the world watching on.

In Australia, we can expect more of the same, but we've really only just woken to the news. It is pretty safe to assume that TV networks will offer extended news coverage into the evening and that we will see the film The Queen dropped onto a TV schedule. But we are probably a few hours off from seeing announcements about schedule overhauls.

Also safe to assume: A whole lot of viewers will be pressing play on Netflix's The Crown over the next 24 hours.

  • Filming on The Crown, currently in production, is expected to be paused as a sign of respect. Read: Deadline
  • West End theatres will dim the lights and hold a minutes silence, but the shows will go on. Read: THR
  • Indiewire has a list of every actor to play Queen Elizabeth II for some reason. Read: Indiewire
  • UK network ITV has announced its revised schedule for tonight. Read: Radio Times
  • Eastenders has been postponed tonight. That's when you know news is important. Read: Radio Times
  • Nicholas Meyer, director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and, I say, the most important creative in the history of Star Trek, (Yeah, I said it), will produce a new Wrath of Khan prequel podcast. Read: The Verge
  • Squid Game star Lee Jung-Jae will lead the new Disney+ Star Wars show The Acolyte opposite Amanda Stenberg. Read: Variety
  • Claire Danes will star in the new Steven Soderbergh series Full Circle for HBO Max. Read: THR
  • Sony Pictures TV is behind a limited series drama exploring Seth Rich and the conspiracy around his death. Read: Deadline
  • OG series broadcaster Fox isn't interested in the King of The Hill revival. Read: THR
  • RIP longtime CNN anchor Bernard Shaw. He was the first anchor on the network and became globally known when the CNN feed went global with the Gulf War coverage. Read: NPR
  • A new XBOX interface and home screen will debut next year. Read: Polygon

Quantum Leap debuts Sept 19 on NBC.

Interview with The Vampire debuts Oct 2 on AMC+.

Star Trek: Picard returns for its third seaosn on Paramount+ Feb 16.

Kaley Cuoco / Pete Davidson film Meet Cute debuts on Peacock Sept 21.