Welcome to what we in the screen culture daily email game call a ‘slow news day’. I really think that term is going to take off…

Good news Pokemon fans, the new movie Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution is coming to Netflix on Feb 27. The feature film had been released in Japan last year. It is actually a CGI remake of Pokemon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back.

The more you know…

Feb 27 is also the return date for Altered Carbon, with its second season on Netflix

Horse Girl is a new film launching Feb 7 on Netflix.

It stars Alison Brie as a socially isolated arts and crafts store employee who finds herself more content in the company of horses and supernatural crime shows than people. And then she starts to have difficulty distinguishing her surreal dreams from reality.

So, ultimately it is the story of all of us.

The film will debut at Sundance ahead of its Netflix release.

The global Disney+ roll-out has its next launch in its sights. Europe (or more specifically: UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland) will launch March 24. That’s actually a week earlier than originally planned. The price will be £5.99/€6.99 per month, or £59.99/€69.99 for an annual subscription.

Source: Deadline

And finally…

The season 7 finale of Ray Donovan apparently ends on a cliffhanger. If you want to see it resolved, a write-in campaign may be needed. Or so says Mr Donovan himself, Liev Schreiber:


What an amazing journey it’s been. I’ve been reading your comments, and the outpouring of love and support for our cast and crew has been truly overwhelming. I know the big question on everyone’s mine is whether there will be a season 8. Truth is it’s in the networks hands. So if you want more, reach out to them at @showtime, @raydonovan, and @CBS and let them know how you feel. Either way it’s been an amazing ride and we have all of you to thank for it.
LievJanuary 21, 2020