Did you know that Charlize Theron (currently starring in the very funny film Long Shot) is an Executive Producer on the excellent Netflix drama Mindhunter? I don’t think this is something I knew - but it has been 2 years since the first season streamed, having debuted in Oct 2017.

There’s a lot I don’t recall about that first season, so I’ll be sure to re-watch it ahead of the season 2 launch - which we now know will be in August after Charlize Theron dropped that nugget of info on Howard Stern’s radio show.

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The meta reboot of 90210, in which most of the cast return playing themselves working on a reboot of 90210, will debut August 7 for a 6-episode run. This is destined to be the train wreck of 2019. I cannot wait.

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And the trailer for BH90210 is now waiting for you here:

I’m wild about Cobie Smulders. She never got nearly enough credit for her time on How I Met Your Mother and she’s been criminally under-used in the Marvel films playing the MCU’s best character Maria Hill. Thankfully, Smulders is coming out of the wilderness with her own show which just got greenlit by the ABC. It has not yet got a name beyond Untitled Cobie Smulders Project.

The series is based on Greg Rucka’s Stumptown comic book series and will feature Smulders as a PI. Initially the show was also to be named Stumptown, but it is possible that they’ve moved beyond the source material to such a point that they’re not going to keep the title? It’s odd as I think it’s a fine name for a show.

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Billions will be back for a fifth season. I just assumed this was going to be the case. But, if you were concerned, rest easy. Stand down. It’s all going to be alright.

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Watchmen is on its way to HBO. That isn’t a statement that enthuses me much. But knowing it is from Damon Lindelof has me beyond enthused about this project. HBO today dropped the first proper trailer for it.

Back in 2016 a reality show star whose best ratings were behind him was running for President. A tape came out of him bragging to an entertainment show host about… well, you know what it was about. Donnie went on to become President. The entertainment show host lost his job and has been in Hollywood exile since. Probably spending his time at day spa’s and the such.

Billy Bush has served his time and is easing back into the spotlight with a new entertainment show ExtraExtra, which will air on local Fox stations from September.

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Proving that there is no interest in new ideas anymore, The CW has given the greenlight to three new series for its upcoming season.

  • Batwoman
  • Nancy Drew
  • Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene

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And finally…

Jonna Mendez is the former Chief of Disguise for the CIA. In a video for WIRED, you can see her opinion on the techniques used by spies in some well-remembered spy TV shows and movies. She gives top marks to Alias and The Americans.