The Friends cast will reunite for a one hour special to talk about what I guess would be their memories from the TV show. The cast were very well paid for their work on the sitcom and they’re keeping that aspect of it all authentic by paying each of them at least $2.5 million to appear on the show. That’s an expensive reunion show, but it’ll be used to promote the launch of the Warner Bros streaming service HBO Max. So, what’s one persons expensive TV special is another persons canny marketing expense.

The big question I have is: when recounting the no-doubt fascinating tales of making the show, will the cast be seated on couches? Or will they each be given a tall stool to sit on? We’ll find out in May.

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Friends reunion

I think we’re all getting tired of hearing stories about the rampant nepotism in Hollywood as powerful parents get their kids jobs. Just take a look at this story about Steven Spielberg’s daughter who…

*checks notes*


When Mikaela revealed her new career path to her father—who adopted her in 1996—and his wife, Kate Capshaw, the couple was reportedly "intrigued" by the decision, not upset. Mikaela says she wants her sex work to be "consensual" and "safe," and sees it as a way to become financially free. In an Instagram post that is no longer available to view because her account was made private, Mikaela thanked people for their outpouring of support. "Thanks for the overwhelming inbox love, I never expected a positive reaction like this," she wrote, before giving out her Venmo in case anyone wants to tip her. "Also if I don't get back to you it's because RIP my inbox. Also when you interact be sure to confirm your age for my own protection," she added.

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Fox is reportedly in talks to buy streaming service Tubi. I don’t 100% get what the value of Fox buying Tubi is - the network doesn’t really have a library to leverage across the service in the way it did pre-Disney deal.

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There’s a new Star Wars movie in the works, apparently, but the big question surrounding it is whether the film is being made for cinemas or for streaming?

J.D. Dillard, best known for writing and directing the sci-fi thriller Sleight, and Matt Owens, a writer on Marvel shows Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD, have been tapped to develop it. But insiders say it is undecided whether the project will be for the big screen or for the highly prioritized streaming platform.

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A new Transformers cartoon will debut on Netflix soon. The show will be called Siege and, while this isn’t exactly the sort of thing I’m likely to watch, I was pretty impressed by the animation style.

The first new series from Game of Thrones showrunners Dan Benioff and DB Weiss has been announced for Netflix. They won’t actively be running the show - that will be Benioff’s wife Amanda Peet. She co-created the new show with Annie Julia Wyman. The Chair will star Sandra Oh and Jay Duplass (who Peet worked with when she starred in Togetherness).

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Former Models Inc (and, I guess, The X-Files) star Mitch Pileggi is set to co-star in the new Walker Texas Ranger series for The CW. The new show will just be called Walker. Pileggi will play Walker’s father (who I presume is also named Walker).

Source: Deadline

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