Fox is bringing The Goonies back to television. Sort-of. A pilot has been greenlit about a teacher helping a group of students make a shot-for-shot remake of The Goonies.

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'The Bold Type' grad Sarah Watson will pen the script.

Each year there are a huge number of pilots, like The Goonies, commissioned by broadcast networks. They spend hundreds of millions each year on TV episodes that will never be seen by more than a handful of TV executives.

That is starting to change. Year on year there are fewer pilots being produced. Part of this can be attributed to creatives having more opportunities to sell shows elsewhere, so more are demanding straight to series orders. But then there’s also the danger of the looming TV writers strike, which means networks are eager to get a lot more TV into production ahead of a possible dry-spell.

Fifty-nine projects had been ordered by this time last year, with the number eventually rising to 63. According to multiple sources, the networks are mostly done with their orders for the season, meaning the final number this year will likely be in the low 50s. That would represent a 10%  to 15% drop year over year. Even more staggering, that’s down approximately  40% from the 85 pilots ordered just five years ago.

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Don’t worry… Emilio Estevez will be back for the new Mighty Ducks TV series.

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Amazon Prime Video series Bosch is one of the quiet gems on television. Quiet in that the show itself is incredibly muted - it’s a leisurely paced procedural crime investigation show that has very occasional moments of action and high drama. But also quiet in that the show has never received the attention it deserves.

The sixth season of the show is set to debut later this year. But following that will be a seventh and final season.

Drawing from the novels The Concrete Blonde and The Burning Room, the seventh and final season of Bosch will have Harry Bosch (Welliver) and Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) pursuing two separate but perilous murder investigations that will take them to the highest levels of white collar crime and the deadly depths of the street level drug trade.

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The Good Fight will be back on CBS All Access from April 9 with its 10-episode fourth season.

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Ricky Gervais’ Netflix show After Life will be back on April 24.

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Fans of the early 90’s Batman: The Animated Series will be happy to know that series writer Paul Dini and producer Alan Burnett have re-teamed for a comic book continuation of that version of Batman. They will be joined on art by Ty Templeton, the artist on the 90s comic tie-in The Batman Adventures.

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Batman stands on top of a building in Gotham with the faces of his numerous villains in the building below him

The Raid is one of the wildest action films ever made. Its director, Gareth Evans, has a new TV show coming to Sky Atlantic called The Gangs of London. If you want a new show where characters hit each other real good, boy does this seem to be the show for you.

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