I try not to get too excited about a TV show ahead of release - there’s so much that can go wrong, especially with adaptations. But I have so much interest already invested in the TV adaptation of Vertigo comic book Y: The Last Man that even seeing this image has me a little excited. The show is set to debut on FX in 2020.

For those of you who don’t know Y: The Last Man, it was a series running through the early to mid 00s about a guy named Yorrick who discovers he’s the last male on the planet after a disease wipes the rest out. What makes the comic interesting is that it doesn’t just show the structures of power that emerge when women are ruling the world, but you’re seeing this aftermath in the time following a massive traumatic incident in which 50% of all people are senselessly killed. It’s smart, funny, and involves a pet monkey.

Stay tuned for a Goop TV series, streaming soon at Netflix. Gwynneth Paltrow will host the 30 min show along with the site’s editors and chief content officer Elise Loehnen. The team will utilize experts, doctors, and researchers to examine issues relating to physical and spiritual wellness.

What could go wrong?

The underrated not-really-a-superhero-show-but-is-a-superhero-show Legion will conclude with its third season. It’s a great show that I lost my way with, but I’ll get back to it to see it out to its end.

American’s don’t seen to really understand that over the air television is actually free. There’s always an effort to find a new way to get viewers to pay for it. Case in point: Aereo, a failed service that sought to stream over the air TV signals recorded on a PVR-type system. A new company in the US is trying to replicate what Aereo did by offering a free streaming service backed by a non-commercial company.

It’s actually part of what seems like an intellectual exercise by a former media executive with stints at the Federal Communications Commission and in the Clinton administration, who wondered if an Aereo-like offering that was structured as a noncommercial entity would remain within the law.

Tho… it is possible that there is a hidden agenda with this…

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MTV is going straight to consumers with a new app in the UK, delivering catch-up shows, and a live feed of MTV UK for £3.99 a month (€4.55), following a free 30-day trial.

Hit series such as Geordie Shore, Teen Mom UK, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club and The Charlotte Show will all make an appearance on the app. They will also be joined by MTV classics such as The Hills and Jersey Shore.

It doesn’t really seem like a product that offers much value…. but let’s see.

Australian broadcaster SBS has confirmed that music game show Rockwiz will not be returning for new episodes. I’ve worked at SBS for 2.5 years and in that time no new episodes have been produced, so it is weird to me today to find people shocked by this news. It’s also annoying as I really quite like Rockwiz and would loved to have created some digital content around it. It was a great format. But, it did also run for 14 seasons, so it isn’t like the show didn’t get a good run.

My favourite part of Rockwiz was the end in which the two musician guest team captains would team up for a duet of a well-known cover version of a song. Here’s Dave McCormack and Jade McRae singing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart:

Here’s your first look at the What We Do In The Shadows TV show, coming soon to FX.

If you’ve ever tried VR, you’d know that the biggest problem is that your mind is wandering about, but your body is just standing there looking like an idiot. Wouldn’t it be better if you looked like an idiot while also feeling like your body was actually going somewhere? This is why you need cyber shoes and there’s an Indiegogo campaign to make this dream a reality for you.

Young and The Restless star Kristoff St John has died at age 52. The cause of his death has not been released.

And finally…

I was incredibly impressed by two TV show commercials that aired during the SUper Bowl yesterday.

First was this exceptional teaser for The Twilight Zone reboot coming soon to CBS All Access. It features no footage from the actual show, but nicely integrated the Super Bowl event into a clip that gave the feeling and texture of the rebooted show. It’s clever stuff:

I also really liked this teaser for The Handmaid’s Tale s3, which starts as a parody of the It’s Morning Again in America advertising campaign from Ronald Reagan’s 1984 bid for President.

If you don’t know the original commercial, this was it: