When you think about successful YouTubers, you’re likely thinking of a twentysomething talking about video games, or fashion. But the truth is that the most successful YouTube star is Ryan of Ryan’s Toy Review. He reviews toys and pulled in US$22 million doing it. Adding to his wealth is the recent toy line now selling in US department stores.

The Good Place has been greenlit for a fourth season, but the episode count is yet to be revealed. And that may be telling in itself. Reduced episode count? Possible final season?

Between Two Ferns is reportedly set to become a Netflix feature film. How? Beats me. Being Netflix, however, it likely means there’ll be limited to no sex or swearing, which really changes my perception of the (stage) left fern.

When a man looks back at his body of work, he wants to make sure that it meant something. That it has a legacy. So, for Tom Cruise, that meant teaming up with Christopher McQuarrie to release a video online to protest the biggest problem currently confronting us all: motion smoothing on your TV set.

I don’t know what your social media timelines are like, but mine are filled with people complaining about the cancellation of Daredevil - a show I saw barely anyone discussing when new seasons dropped. Parrot Analytics claim that the show was one of the biggest for Netflix, but take that (and any data from Parrot) with an absolute grain of salt - just because people are talking about a show doesn’t mean they watch it. Grace and Frankie doesn’t really have a whole lot of talking points for audiences to take to social media with its hot takes, but I suspect it’s doing just fine.

More NYT reporting has the Les Moonves story looking grosser and grosser. Claims include:

  • A CBS staffer was reportedly on-call to perform oral sex when requested.
  • Transactional oral sex with four different staffers was reported in addition to consensual relationships with staff.
  • Board member Arnold Kopelson was aware of a sexual assault before joining the CBS board.
  • A resignation draft letter was written for Moonves prior to the release of the initial Vanity Fair article.

The new Captain Picard Star Trek show is expected to debut on CBS All Access in late 2019.

With ratings tanking, Australian breakfast show Today saw EP Mark Calvert fall on his sword, resigning after 5 years in the role.

“I’m looking forward to a bit of sleep. And then I’m looking forward to the next big challenge, whether that’s at Nine, or elsewhere. 2019 is going to be a huge year for the show, and for the newly expanded company. I wish the amazing team at Today, and all the brilliant people at Nine, nothing but success.”

That’s it from me today.