It’s weird how few relationship dramas there is on US broadcast TV these days. You’d think that networks would have leaned into that more after the success of This Is Us. Coming soon to NBC will be a TV series based on 80s relationship drama St Elmo’s Fire.

It’s only a script commitment at this stage.

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With Olivia Colman about to take over as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown, conversation is already brewing about which actress will take over for her after she regenerates. Smart money is on Helen Mirren who portrayed The Queen in the film The Queen. Both that film and The Crown were written by Peter Morgan.

On the subject:

“She loves the show,” said Morgan, who also serves as showrunner on the hit royal drama. “She thought there was nothing left to say, and I think she’s really surprised.”

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Helen Mirren arrives at the Oscars, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles90th Academy Awards - Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 04 Mar 2018

Actor Bella Thorne (you may have seen her in HBO’s Big Love of Disney’s Shake It Up) is making her directorial debut… on a film produced for PornHub Premium, the streaming services subscription service.

The film debuts in September after it debuts at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

There’s a really good interview with showrunner Marc Cherry (The Golden Girls, Desperate Housewives) as he promotes his new show Why Women Kill.

He covers quite a bit of ground in it, such as the role of women’s sexuality in his shows:

Since I started on “The Golden Girls,” a show that was groundbreaking in its treatment of older women’s sexuality, I don’t even think twice about it. Once you’ve written some filthy jokes for Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur, everything else seems tame. To have a character use a four-letter [curse] word [on “Why Women Kill”], it’s like, “Oh, O.K., good, I get to play in a more adult sandbox.” With “Desperate Housewives,” gosh, we were on the cover of Newsweek and the headline was, “Has [pop culture] gone too far?”

But the highlight for me was when the reporter asked a question about Felicity Huffman and her role in the college admissions scandal:

[Cherry’s publicist: “I’m sorry to jump in here, but we have to just stick with questions on ‘Why Women Kill.’ We’re not going to be able to address Felicity’s particular situation.”]

You know what, I’m going to answer this one question, and very respectfully: It’s a punch to the gut to find out that someone you love is involved in any kind of scandal. If it seems like all of Hollywood is rooting for Felicity, it’s because she spent her entire career being kind and professional, and I am part of the community that adores her and prays for this whole time in her life to be over.

Source: NYT

Animated show Star Wars: Resistance will end with its second season, bringing hunky Star Wars bad boy Kylo Ren into the show.

And finally…