Caroline Famke has a review of the new Veronica Mars series:

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of “Veronica Mars” 4.0 — or at least its most surprising, given the movie so aggressively courting fan favor — is its willingness to push the show in directions that risk alienating its devotees. This season highlights how selfish its heroine can be, why its love story isn’t aspirational, and the folly of believing that catching The Bad Guy means that the danger is gone. It doesn’t always work, but at the very least, it goes down swinging.

Source: Variety

Duncan Jones made a great cult film called Moon a few years back. It is beloved. Did you know that Moon existed as part of an extended universe? Me neither. In 2018, Jones directed a film for Netflix called Mute - which is connected to Moon through a brief newscast scene.

Now Jones has an idea for a third connected movie, but doesn’t believe he can get the budget for it. He’s going to produce the story first as a comic book in aid of generating interest in the film.

“I think they’re different genres, in a way, even though they’re all science fiction,” Jones said. “I think ‘Moon’ is a human drama. ‘Mute’ is a noir thriller. The third film is basically an action road movie. They’re three very different things, but at the same time, I think the science fiction and those underlying themes is what really connects them. I think they’re an anthology in a very European, like ‘Three Colours.’ It’s more like that.”

Source: Indiewire


The Creepshow anthology series is shaping up to be a pretty good reason to subscribe to streaming service Shudder. Today, it has a promotional poster out that harkens back to the original Creepshow theatrical poster.


Speaking of Shudder, wasn’t that streaming service supposed to have launched in Australia by now? An initial announcement from AMC said the service would be running by the end of 2018. It’s now July 2019…

A MoffettNathanson-commissioned study has found the two most-popular shows on Netflix are Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things.

The survey suggests that the loss of third-party shows like The Office and Friends won’t be that great a loss. But, with Orange is the New Black finishing its run soon and Stranger Things likely winding up after its fourth season, that leaves a pretty big hole for Netflix. I question whether the service really has any zeitgeist-y ongoing series beyond those two shows. Sure, certain shows and movies pop for a week or two, but they’re not quite in the same league…

Source: Variety

Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things - Netflix favorite shows

The body of actor Charles Levin has been found after he was reported missing. Not many details have been released, but the few that have paint a fairly sad story. Levin was best known for playing the mohel on an episode of Seinfeld, but will forever be remembered at Always Be Watching HQ as Coco, the housekeeper in the pilot episode of The Golden Girls. When the show went to series, Coco was never heard from again.

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Amazon is in development on a new series based on the Jack Reacher novels. Nick Santora, the creator of Scorpion, is on board as showrunner.

Mostly, the news just puts the question on the table: When does Jack Ryan return to Amazon for its second season. The first season was in August 2018, so maybe we can expect an announcement soon?

Source: Variety

And finally…

I quite liked the first episode of the show Supergirl. But, I actually find it kind of creepy watching the show with her flying around in that skirt. That’s my (repression) problem, not the shows. SO, consider me rather happy to hear that from the new season going forward, they’ve given her pants to wear.


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