When writing Always Be Watching each day, I always have the reader in mind. And with that said, I have always considered you to be a total Miranda. But sometimes a Charlotte.

I don’t actually know what that means. But, I do know that with Sex & The City inspiration Candace Bushnell writing a new book Is There Still Sex & The City, comes word that there will be a companion TV show that is currently in development with Paramount.

Source: Vulture

There’s a new Always Be Watching podcast out today. In the episode Dan & Chris take a gander at the shows:

  • Now Apocalypse
  • Idiotsitter
  • Ill Behaviour
  • Chef’s Table

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Speaking of podcasts, last year I produced an Apple Podcasts Australian top 10 pod about The Handmaid’s Tale for SBS. Today that podcast, Eyes On Gilead, was a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards, which is nice. If you like the TV show, give the podcast a listen. The awards are held next month.

Alan Sepinwall at Rolling Stone has his review of new sitcom Abby’s. He’s enthusiastic about it. When it comes to a multi-cam sitcom, one of the aspects I often look for is whether it’s a good hang-out show. And, this gave me hope for it:

And it’s there that Abby’s feels most modern, in ways good and bad. The series has the loose hangout vibe of a more modern single-camera sitcoms like New Girl (where creator Josh Malmuth worked). It’s not a wildly funny show — I laughed out loud only a handful of times — but the jokes feel less important than the chance to spend time each week in the company of some appealing goofballs.

Source: Rolling Stone

The final extended Twilight Zone reboot trailer has been released. It debuts in the US this Sunday. No word yet (as far as I’m aware) on an Australian home for this. One would assume on Ten All Access… but there’s no confirmation. Which is weird if they do have it.

There is a Magic Leap Game of Thrones experience that can be played at AT&T stores in the US as part of a partnership with HBO. It is obviously a passion project for the corporate partners:

“This is the biggest television event in recent history, in large part due to the show’s passionate, loyal and committed fan base,” said Valerie Vargas, SVP of advertising and creative services, AT&T in a statement. “In celebration of that fandom, and as fans ourselves, we have created unique experiences across all of our platforms that only AT&T and HBO can offer. With this campaign we aim to celebrate the show’s superfans and its permanent place in pop culture.”


Source: VR Focus

Sticking with games for a moment, Google’s head of Stadia has an in-depth interview with Variety. There’s a lot he can’t say yet, but I thought this tidbit about the origins of Stadia is interesting:

“Where Stadia started was actually out of the Chromecast team,” he said. “They had had a huge success with Chromecast in empowering streaming of linear media, particularly TV and movie content. And then it was like, ‘OK, so we have this platform, what else could we do with it? Is there an opportunity for us to actually stream games through this technology.”

Source: Variety

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