A few hours ago the Oscars were announced. In addition to all of the little-seen films that cineastes have strong feelings on, there were two films that pundits had their eye on: Top Gun Maverick and Avatar: The Way of Water.

Both films were critically well-received and were the biggest box office earners of 2022. As conversation intensifies over the disconnect between what film audiences are watching at the movies (big tentpole special effects extravaganzas) vs what the Oscars have celebrated (smaller, artier films), there was considerable hope by many that the two 2022 blockbusters would see nominations, and in turn, drive viewership back to the Oscars.

Ratings in recent years for the Oscars could politely be referred to as 'embarrassing'. Last year was the second-worst rated Oscars in history.

Both Maverick and Avatar were indeed nominated for Best Picture (the first time two sequels were nominated in the same year), so this will test the theory that what has been holding the Oscar viewership back is that mainstream audiences haven't seen the nominated films.

You can find a full list of which films were nominated at the Variety link below. Know that Everything Everywhere All At Once received the most nominations (and is my pick to win Best Picture). Also, James Cameron was robbed by not getting a Best Director nomination.

Oscar Nominations 2023: ‘Everything Everywhere’ Leads With 11 Nods, Followed by ‘Banshees’ and ‘All Quiet’
“Everything Everywhere All at Once,” a twisty sci-fi adventure, led the nominations for the 95th Academy Awards on Tuesday morning, picking up 11 nods. It was followed closely behind by…

Dick giggles

When the Oscars were announced, presenter Riz Ahmed found himself giggling on stage, apparently. The case was the title of a nominated animated short film titled My Year of Dicks.

You can watch the film, which is very much about what the title suggests, at Vimeo:

70sSuperSports Twitter feed adapted into TV series

One of the absolute delights of Twitter is @70sSuperSports - it's a funny feed of tweets that cheers and jeers retro 70s culture. Yes, there's a lot of sports tweets, but there's also fun asides like this:

A new Jimmy Kimmel-produced TV series is coming to Vice TV which takes the spirit of the Twitter feed and is reimagining it as a panel comedy show. It debuts March 7.

Super Maximum Retro Show comes from Ricky Cobb, who is behind the Twitter account, and will feature “the best, worst and most outrageous” videos, photos, ads and games from the 70s, 80s and 90s, In each episode the show’s guest panelists will comment, joke and make fun some of the most absurd things to come out of those decades in the pre-Internet era. Panelists include Hasan Minaj, Roy Wood Jr., Chris Redd, Matteo Lane, Judy Gold, Chris Gethard, Adam Pally and more.
Jimmy Kimmel & Vice TV Team On Series Based On Super70sSports Twitter Feed
Vice TV has teamed with Jimmy Kimmel’s Kimmelot and ITV America on Super Maximum Retro Show, a series based on the viral Super70sSports Twitter feed. Hosted by comedian Chris Distefano, Super…

Watch: Three Body

The Three Body Problem was a well-received Chinese sci-fi book written by Liu Cixin. Later this year a Netflix English-language adaptation will debut from Game of Thrones showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff (and Alexander Woo).

But right now in China Tencent Video is streaming its own adaptation of the book. And it is publishing the episodes with English subtitles to its YouTube channel. Here's episode 1, should you be interested:

  • Sesame Street co-creator Lloyd Morrisett has died aged 93. Read: NY Post
  • Apple TV+ has acquired Sundance film Flora and Son for what is believed to have been not cheap. Read: Deadline
  • Air is the new movie from Ben Affleck (co-produced with Matt Damon for their new production company). It has been announced it'll receive a global April 5 release with Amazon Prime Video streaming it soon after at a date TBA. The film is about Nike and Reebok sneakers. Read: Variety
  • There are some pretty major How I Met Your Mother cast guest appearances in How I Met Your Father. The latest one is, legen.....wait for it... Read: TV Insider
  • With 8.4 million people watching, new Fox drama Accused was the biggest drama launch on broadcast or cable TV in 3 years. Read: thefutoncritic
  • But not every viewer was happy with Accused - in multiple markets across the US a technical glitch saw Fox cut away from the final minutes of the show. Read: Deadline
  • The Neighborhood has been greenlit for a 6th season. This is a surprise to me having watched the first episode that one time. Read: Deadline
  • You can now buy Fisher Price Little People Seinfeld figurines. If I don't find these under a Christmas tree at the end of the year, my friends and family have failed me. Read: Rolling Stone

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