Not sure what it is about this week, but there has been a lot of deep diving to find interesting news stories to fill the newsletter with the past two days. Nonetheless, some interesting finds. What this usually means is that at the tail end of the week there'll be an avalanche of weighty stories.

Tomorrow I'll have some thoughts on the new Ant Man movie. It's the film that The LA Times calls "a chore". Can't wait.

And with that in mind...

Sinéad O’Connor to sing Outlander theme song

When Outlander returns for its 7th season, it will be with Sinéad O’Connor performing the theme. I'm not a regular viewer of the show, but apparently the theme is re-worked every season to match its themes.

  • Marvel boss Kevin Feige says he wants to see Marvel shows embrace more episodic TV storytelling. Also on the agenda: less cohesiveness and making Marvel projects feel different from one another. Huzzah. Read: Indiewire
  • Ahead of the upcoming Marlowe feature film, here's a good list of all the previous filmed interpretations of the character. Read: Paste
  • For more detectives, Alison Herman takes a look at all the recent Agatha Christie-homages on screen. Read: The Ringer
  • Sarah Hunter Simanson writes about how Gilmore Girls helped her grieve her mother's death. Read: Huffington Post
  • RIP The X-Files staff writer Jeff Vlaming. Not all of his credited episodes were good, but he was a true journeyman writer across a great many series you have watched and enjoyed. Read: THR
  • Amber Ruffin will write and star in new NBC sitcom Non-Evil Twin, a title that makes me laugh. Read: TV  Insider
  • As Showtime is merged into Paramount+ with management of the TV channel subsumed by MTV Entertainment Studios, 120 staff will be laid off. Read: Variety
  • Former child actor Austin Majors (best known for NYPD Blue) has died at age 27. Read: TV Line

Ted Lasso returns for the third (and final?) season on Apple TV+ March 15.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story debuts May 4 on Netflix.

That is it for today - more newsletter tomorrow pals!