JJ Abrams, responsible for ruining both of his recent Star Trek and Star Wars movie franchises, has his eyes set on Stephen King with a TV series based on The Shining. The series, Overlook, was in development for HBO Max. The streamer just passed on going forward with the series. Netflix, however, is a frontrunner to take on the series.

I'm sure it'll be great...

‘Overlook’ Hotel Drama From J.J. Abrams Being Shopped After HBO Max Pass
Sources say the spinoff of sorts from ‘The Shining’ is already generating interest from other buyers — with Netflix the frontrunner to land it — as Abrams plots his next moves, including directing HBO’s ‘Demimonde.’

Just a thought on the Scarlett lawsuit...

The Scarlett Johansson lawsuit against Disney over Black Widow payments cuts to the heart of the changing nature of Hollywood's financial payment agreements and how that is shifting as the industry moves to streaming distribution.

An interesting thought buried at the bottom of an article in The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the lack of back-end payments is going to lead to a whole lot of mediocre films made for streaming. An unnamed producer suggests that by removing an incentive for a film to perform well enough to deliver multi-million dollar post-release pay-days, producers will just be chasing deals: "a project just needs to be good enough to get the next deal. This may help explain why so many movies made for streamers seem to lack luster".

In a world without 'hit movies', there's probably something to that idea.

Disney vs. Scarlett Johansson: Why “a Ton of Lawsuits” May Be Next
As the Bob Chapek-led regime goes to war with a Marvel star, Hollywood stars and creatives fear the end of massive backend deals.

And speaking of movies - will there be any soon?

On the horizon are huge holdover releases from 2020. A new Top Gun movie, a new James Bond film, the new Ghostbusters. The Delta variant of COVID-19 may upset that.

In a three-week period, the overall comfort level of attending the cinema in the US has dropped from 81% to 72%. Watch this news story over the next few weeks. Already family movie Clifford the Big Red Dog has pulled it's release (apparently US moms were the most concerned about visiting the multiplex with just 59% comfort at the idea).

Something to note: Sony's Venom: Let There Be Carnage released a new trailer this past week promising a 'fall release' - it didn't offer the more specific Sept 24 date.

Delta Variant Disrupts Moviegoing Comfort Levels as Studios Worry
Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, the percentage of Americans who say they’re willing to return to cinemas has tumbled 11 points in less than a month.

Jungle Cruise did well (for the current situation) this past weekend. This weekend there's The Suicide Squad.

‘The Suicide Squad’ To Battle Global Pandemic & Dynamic Windows As James Gunn DC Pic Aims For $70M WW Weekend
While the delta variant continues to be a stumbling block for the overseas box office, it’s not entirely certain that’s the continuing case at the domestic box office as more people bec…

TeeVee Snacks

  • Former Netflix-turned-Adult-Swim-cartoon-that-nobody-ever-talked-about-except-when-Netflix-cancelled-it Tuca and Bertie has been renewed for a third season. Read: Deadline
  • Say goodbye to the Coen Bros and hello to the Coen Brother as Ethan Coen decides to step away from making movies. Read: Indiewire
  • The Ultimate Slip 'n Slide game show that was temporarily shut down thanks to a diarrhea outbreak will sit on the shelf for the time being. Don't worry - the show hasn't been flushed just yet. Read: The Wrap
  • Apple TV+ has renewed Physical for a second season. Read: TV Line
  • Apple TV+ will stream a filmed production of Broadway show Come From Away September 10. Read: thefutoncritic
  • As mentioned by ABW previously, Foxtel will shutter channel Foxtel Arts. Read the 'exclusive': TV Tonight
  • An IMDb TV mobile app is now available for US viewers. Read: The Streamable
  • Amazon has picked up the Billy Eichner movie Ex-Husbands. Read: /Film

Pretty, pretty good game of spite

A Curb Your Enthusiasm card game is now for sale (but currently sold out). It promises to be fun for the whole family. One assumes that includes everyone from children, through to adults and beloved aunts.

Trailer Park

My beloved Joe Pera Talks With You returns for a third season later this year.

Yellowjackets debuts on Showtime later this year.

Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis star in the series, the saga of a team of wildly talented high school girls soccer players who become the (un)lucky survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote northern wilderness.

Netflix's gender-swapped remake of She's All That titled He's All That debuts August 27. I hope this film doesn't ruin our childhoods.

Kate debuts on Netflix Sept 10.

After she’s poisoned, a ruthless criminal operative has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

Annette streams on Amazon Prime Video August 20. (I'm unsure whether it has global rights).

A film by visionary director Leos Carax, with story and music by Ron & Russel Mael of The Sparks, this original musical is a journey of passion, love, and fame.

What's next? Tomorrow.