Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson will star in a new 4-part CBS mini-series. The actors will play former FBI chief James Comey and the failing current US President Donald Trump respectively. The series will be based on Comey’s memoir.

Billy Ray is on board writing.

Source: CNN

The BBC iPlayer is taking on Netflix.

Now that the BBC has overcome regulations that kept its catch-up content on the iPlayer for 30 days and extended it to 12 months, the broadcaster has plans to move the iPlayer into position to better compete with Netflix. While, obviously, this means a much larger library available for Brits to watch, it also means the BBC are being proactive about preventing talent from instead signing with companies like Netflix:

…the BBC will also tackle, head-on, the trend for U.S. streamers scooping up British talent on huge overall deals, like Peter Morgan signing up with Netflix last week. Hall and Moore will say that the broadcaster can’t compete with the tens of millions of dollars being thrown at creative talent, but it can offer creative freedom, free from focus groups and algorithms, and a bigger shop window on TV and audio.

Source: Deadline

Meanwhile Netflix has hired outgoing BBC exec Chris Sussman. Throughout his career, Sussman has overseen shows that include Fleabag, Rev, and Bad Education.

Source: Deadline

PVR viewership is a consideration by TV networks when it works out which shows it wants to renew each year. Tho, because it allows viewers to skip advertisements, obviously it isn’t as heavily weighted in the decision-making process.

So, which new US network shows are performing the best with viewers time-shifting their viewing?

Stumptown, Evil, and Emergence are leading the pack, with Prodigal Son also seeing a significant benefit. It’s not surprising when you consider those shows specifically are the only real stand-out shows of the new bunch to launch this year.

Source: TV Line

Stumptown Series Premiere - ABC

RIP Rip Taylor. He was a god in my country.

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A week’s worth of Eastenders episodes were leaked online. And yet, somehow, the world continues on.

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The Amazon-owned gamer streaming service Twitch has now launched on Apple TV.

Source: Variety

Klaus, the Santa origin story coming to Netflix in November has a trailer:

And finally…

Actor Ein has his first day on set of the new live-action Cowboy Bebop series.