Honestly, I don’t know what is worse - entitled fans demanding that the final season of Game of Thrones be remade to suit their taste, or the gross article in The Guardian giving voice to those of superior taste who would never watch the magic dragon show. If you’re not into something, that’s fine - you don’t need to be dismissive about it because you believe you’re above it. It’s just as lame as nerds complaining about ‘sportsball’.

One of the biggest complaints from people using streaming services is having to dip in and out of different apps to watch different shows. While Apple’s TV app is trying to change that (and will never get huge take-up because Netflix understandably don’t want to take part), Amazon’s Fire TV hardware actually does a pretty decent job of surfacing content without needing to go into a dedicated app. It’s not perfect - far from it. But it’s probably my favourite TV streaming hardware.

It’s also just surpassed Roku as the most used hardware in the US, UK, Germany, India, and Japan. 34 million active users vs Roku’s 29.1 million.

Source: Variety

With the closure of the Your Money TV show also brings to an end the Mediaweek TV show. Each week Mediaweek Publisher James Manning would interview the behind-the-scenes executives running Australia’s biggest and most influential media brands.

The show was super wonky, but that was also its strength. It was a look into the media industry in a way not explored anywhere else on TV.

TV is a poorer place for there not being a dedicated media show (Media Watch and Gruen aren’t really the same thing). Hopefully something rises from the ashes of Mediaweek TV.

If anyone see’s James Manning out and about, be sure to shout him a beer and/or cup of tea.

Source: TV Tonight

The UK’s Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled this week following the death of one of the show’s participants on 9 May. On the show, a man failed a lie detector test over claims of being unfaithful to his wife. British Police have not released details over the death of the 63 year-old man.

Source: NY Times

This is the last year that DVDs will be sent out to Emmy voters. The mailout has just commenced for these single-use environmental terrors.

Source: Variety

Jeopardy! was the most watched show on US primetime TV last week. It very much annoys me that there is no way to watch the show here in Australia outside of having a cable Foxtel connection.

Source: Vulture

Three new episodes of Black Mirror are coming soon to Netflix. And we have a trailer:

Reviews are in for the Deadwood movie. Here’s at Mekeisha Madden Toby at Variety:

Although there are moments where the table setting lasts a little too long – the meat of the action via a murder doesn’t take place for 40 minutes – time matters less when you’re catching up with old friends. Better still is the increased pace and gunfire the film experiences after said death. There are some other significant milestones that take place but because this is a movie and not a series, any and all mentions of them could be too spoiler-y.

Miracle Workers and The Last OG have each been renewed for another season. You can hear Chris Yates very positive wrap on The Last OG in the most recent Always Be Watching podcast.

Source: Vulture

And finally…

RIP Madam Secretary. The show will conclude with a 6th, short 10 episode season. I’ve never watched the show past the first episode, but everytime I saw an advertisement I was reminded of the possibility that it might well be the dumbest show on television.

Source: TV By The Numbers