Maybe the most incredible story in video and user generated content is the continued rise of OnlyFans. The UK-owned company reports that it grew revenue 160% to US$932 million in the last financial year. Furthermore, actual OnlyFans creators earned $3.86 billion in 2021, an increase of 115% from the year before.

There are currently 2.16 million OnlyFans creators on the platform.

What I am interested to know is where the viewers/money is coming from. Is it the traditional porn companies online that are seeing this revenue leaving their pockets and are instead being funnelled into the hands of creators? Is it possible that this is an entirely new category and we're not seeing attrition from other sex-orientated content suppliers?

My understanding of OnlyFans is that it is generally more ethical than most other porn platforms. So, uh, good on these folks.

OnlyFans Creators Earned $3.9 Billion in 2021, Swelling 115% Year Over Year
Business boomed last year for OnlyFans, the social media site that has become an established home for creators selling sexually explicit content and engaging privately with followers. The U.K.-base…
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The English debuts on Amazon Prime Video Nov 11. It will be on BBC2 and iPlayer the day prior.

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