Seth MacFarlane is bringing Ted to television with a prequel series to the two feature films. He'll voice Ted and perform motion capture for the titular bear. It isn't expected that Mark Wahlberg or Mila Kunis will return for the series. Maybe they can just get William Ragsdale to take over.

The film tells the story of John Bennett (Wahlberg), a Boston native whose childhood wish brings his teddy bear friend Ted to life. However, in adulthood, Ted prevents John and his girlfriend Lori Collins (Kunis) from moving on with their lives. It became the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time (not a sequel or based on other IP) and spawned a sequel. Collectively Ted and Ted 2 grossed more than $750 million worldwide.

It's incredible to think that the Ted movies are 3/4 of a billion dollar franchise. The new series is being made for Peacock where, being on streaming, language shouldn't be a problem.

‘Ted’ TV Series From Seth MacFarlane Based On Movie Ordered By Peacock; UCP & MRC Producing
Peacock has given a straight-to-series order to Ted, a live-action comedy series based on Seth MacFarlane’s hit 2012 movie, from UCP and MRC Television. MacFarlane is in negotiations to repri…

Netflix get into the scripted podcast biz with Stranger Things pod

Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins is a new scripted narrative podcast that debuts June 29 and stars Maya Hawke reprising her role from the series. Sean Maher from Firefly also voices a role. The podcast serves as a promo for the upcoming season of the show and also ties into a book coming soon featured on Robin.

Doctor Doctor to say goodbye after five years

After five years of reportedly being on television, Doctor Doctor is bidding farewell. Internationally, this Aussie series is titled The Heart Guy. For those of you who never got around to watching it, the show is actually quite a bit better than you think it is.

In a joint statement from Channel 9’s Andy Ryan and producer Ian Collie:

We are thrilled to bring the story to a fitting climax in a way that honours the characters and will surprise and delight the audience. Doctor Doctor has been a domestic and international success, as well as a showcase of outstanding Australian talent. Channel 9 and Easy Tiger are immensely proud of what Doctor Doctor has achieved. It has been a privilege to entertain our loyal viewers, as well as collaborate with our magnificent cast and crew for five seasons.
Axed: Doctor Doctor ending with Season 5 | TV Tonight
“All journeys have a destination, and after five seasons it’s finally crunch time,” say producers & Nine.

Even more Lord of The Rings on the way

Just because a Lord of The Rings TV series is on the way via Amazon, it doesn't mean that Warner Bros can't exercise it's own existing rights to keep pumping out Lord of The Rings movies. Hence, The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim. (Please don't ever make me try to say that name out loud).

This will be an animated feature film set for cinema release.

‘Lord of the Rings’ Anime Feature Fast-Tracked by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Animation
New Line Cinema is returning to Middle Earth. The studio behind the feature film trilogies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” is partnering with Warner Bros. Animation…

Happy 200th episode, Bar Rescue

200 bars saved as of this weekend. Jon Taffer is doing important work.

TeeVee Snacks

  • Milo Ventimiglia is joining the cast of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. Read: Deadline
  • Jameela Jamil is joining the cast of She Hulk. Read: Variety
  • Netflix is opening an online merch store. Read: Complex
  • Billions returns for part 2 of it's fifth season on Sept 5. Read: Deadline

Samuel L Jackson lists his favorite roles

If you are like me, you often lay awake at night wondering what Samuel L Jackson's five favorite movies that he starred in are. IMDB credits him with 194 acting roles.

Renny Harlin’s “The Long Kiss Goodnight” (1996)
Joel Schumacher’s “A Time To Kill” (1996)
Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown” (1997)
François Girard’s “The Red Violin” (1998)
Kevin Reynolds’ “One Eight Seven” (1997)
Samuel L. Jackson Lists His Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Movies: One Tarantino Makes the Cut
Jackson once said “Django Unchained” had his favorite Tarantino character, but it’s not his favorite Tarantino movie.

Trailer Park

It must have been animation day during Netflix's week-long focus on 'geek' shows and movies because we have a whole bunch of anime trailers. And Gossip Girl.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation debuts July 23.

Eden's Zero debuts August 26 on Netflix.

Aboard the Edens Zero, a lonely boy with the ability to control gravity embarks on an adventure to meet the fabled space goddess known as Mother.

Shaman King debuts on Netflix August 9.

Medium Yoh Asakura enters a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with other shamans in a bid to become the all-powerful Shaman King.

Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway debuts on Netflix with Anne Hathaway starring as Mobile Suit Gundam on a date TBA.

After Char's rebellion, Hathaway Noa leads an insurgency against Earth Federation, but meeting an enemy officer and a mysterious woman alters his fate.

Gossip Girl returns by way of HBO Max on July 9. Somewhere HBO is rolling in it's grave.

Tick, Tick... Boom! premieres in select theaters and on Netflix later this year.

On the cusp of his 30th birthday, a promising young theater composer navigates love, friendship, and the pressures of life as an artist in New York City.

Free Guy opens in cinemas August 13.

Last Summer debuts on Netflix July 9.

During summer vacation in a beachside town, 16-year-old Deniz seeks the affection of his childhood crush and navigates a love triangle.

Biohackers season 2 returns to Netflix on July 9.

After successfully exposing illegal experiments with DNA in Season 1, med student Mia Akerlund suddenly realizes she has lost her short-term memory for the past 3 months. In the attempt to understand what happened, she finds herself in the middle of a much bigger situation that will push her to the edge.

What's next? Tomorrow.