It’s time to go back to Looniversity

Listen here kids. Let me tell you a tale from when I was a young lad. There was a new cartoon show called Tiny Toons. It was produced by Steven Spielberg and was a reworking of the Looney Tunes characters we’ve all seen and loved. Instead of Bugs Bunny, there was now a boy and girl bunny (Buster and Babs), and there was a Tasmanian Devil, and lots of other similar characters. But the original Looney Tunes characters were in this too. They taught the new characters at ACME Looniversity. I guess they all now have tenure.

Tiny Toons was a big deal. It launched and, well, it was okay. It aired in the afternoons and we all watched it until we just didn’t anymore.

But then a few years later, the same people who did Tiny Toons did a way better cartoon called Animaniacs. And we loved it. It ran for years and when a reboot was announced, the internet erupted with enthusiasm.

Here’s the thing, Junior. Yesterday a reboot was announced for Tiny Toons. And nobody even mentioned it.

Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey, Co-Presidents, Amblin Television said: "These smart, hilarious and cheeky characters have left an indelible impression on the childhoods of so many. We're thrilled to be able to continue our relationship with Warner Bros. Animation, HBO Max, and Cartoon Network to reimagine the Tiny Toons for new audiences, and we know that fans of the original series will be just as excited to share the show with their children as they will be to revisit a childhood favorite."

They really know how to sell it.

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Two colored rabbits pop out of a hole in the ground on a yellow background

The Judge, Judy, is back in session

The brand new Judge Judy TV show, titled Judy Justice, has a home - it’ll air on the Amazon streaming service IMDb TV. There’s no word yet on international distribution of the show.

Source: Deadline

Saved By The Bell 2020 visited by another old friend

This sounds almost impossible, but original Saved By The Bell co-star Lark Voorhes (who I don’t need to tell you played Lisa Turtle) has found time in her schedule to appear in the new reboot series.

Source: Variety

Lark Voorhies

Netflix raise US prices

Netflix prices are climbing up. A standard sub is going up to $13.99 per month from the previous cost of $12.99, with the premium tier now $17.99 per month from $15.99). The basic $8.99 SD, single screen subscription continues on unchanged.

Source: The Verge

First look at Gremlins

The new animated series Gremlins: Secrets of The Mogwai is a prequel set in Shanghai in the 1920s. Showrunner Tze Chun tweeted out this first image:

TeeVee Snacks

  • As mentioned in ABW a few weeks ago there is an unnamed music game show filming in Sydney soon for the US market. It’ll have an American host and Americans who are living in Australia. It’s no longer unnamed - it’s a new version of Name That Tune. Source: TV Tonight
  • The US version of No Activity has been greenlit for a season 4 on CBS All Access. Only now it’ll be animated. Source: TV Line
  • Aussie series You Can’t Ask That will be adapted for a US version by production company Current Flow Entertainment. Read: Deadline
  • Brave New World has been cancelled by Peacock after one season. The not-very-good series will be shopped to other networks. Source: Deadline
  • Quiet Apple TV+ hit Ted Lasso has been greenlit for a third season. Read: thefutoncritic

Trailer Park

The Crown returns for season 4 on November 15. Now we have a full-length trailer.

Wolfwalkers debuts on Apple TV+ on Dec 11.

Alien Xmas launches on Netflix Nov 20.

A trailer for the series return of UK drama Holby City (I believe this is a resumption of season 22).

What’s next?