I make no secret about my appreciation of Tom Hanks (the man, the myth, the legend). This video clip from TMZ in my Twitter feed this morning was pretty interesting in that it highlighted two things:

  1. Tom Hanks can be pushed too far; but more notably...
  2. Just how intrusive people can be on celebrities lives.

I'm not going to defend celebs rights to absolute privacy. But like anyone out in public, a certain amount of decorum needs to be applied. (Most) celebrities are people too. There's something so gross about watching these people so caught up in experiencing Tom Hanks in front of them that they ignore others around them to the point of pushing over Hanks' wife Rita Wilson.

Also, while Always Be Watching may have become a Tom Hanks fan newsletter so quickly nobody saw that coming, it's worth noting how much ABW stans Ms Wilson, who put in an awesome cameo appearance just a few months ago in 1883, but was also one of my favourite recurring actors in The Good Wife back in the day.

Rita Wilson rules. And it is gross-as that the guy who knocked her didn't stop everything to apologise and see that she was okay. Because that's how people should behave.

Yes, it is a quiet news day. Why do you ask?

More Hacks incoming

HBO Max is staying in the Hacks business, giving the greenlight to a third season. (Is this the first HBO Max original to run three seasons?). The first season had 15 Emmy nominations, making the show an industry darling.

‘Hacks’ Renewed for Season 3 at HBO Max
“Hacks” has been renewed for Season 3 at HBO Max. The news comes two weeks after the Season 2 finale, which debuted on the streamer on June 2. Season 2 debuted on HBO Max on May 12. The…

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  • Aussie drama Love Me, the first original series for streamer Binge, has been renewed for a second season.
  • General Hospital fired two crew members for not getting vaxxed. Now they are suing. Read: THR
  • The showrunners for Ellen's daytime talk show will move over to run the upcoming The Jennifer Hudson Show when that debuts later this year. It is cleared for 95% of the US market. Read: THR
  • A lot more AI is being used in TV news to control robot cameras in studios. Read: TV News Check
  • A new CGI Astro Boy cartoon is in the works. Read: Variety
  • Spotify has purchased audiobook distributor Pathaway, so expect a whole lot more in the way of audiobooks on the streamer. Read: Variety
  • Renowned comic book artist Tim Sale has died. He is best known for his work on Batman: The Long Halloween, which inspired a lot of the visuals seen in the recent The Batman film. Read: Deadline
  • Looking for a long read about the failure of 2013 Pixar film The Good Dinosaur? Of course you are. Read: The Ringer
  • Sony Pictures Television will launch several show-specific Pluto TV channels in Europe: The Nanny, Married With Children, Who's The Boss, and The Jeffersons. Read: Variety
  • Marvel is developing a series based on yet-another-obscure-ish-character Wonder Man. Read: Polygon

Westworld returns to HBO June 26 for season 4.

Feature film Blonde, starring Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe, debuts on Netflix later this year.

Netflix doco series How To Change Your Mind debuts July 12.

Netflix's DB Cooper doco series Where Are You? debuts on July 13. Always Be Watching knows that the doco doesn't reveal where Cooper is now. Lets just say that if it did, you may not be receiving your newsletter on Monday...

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