The recent week of Black Lives Matter protests across the US has had people re-examining their relationship with law enforcement. This includes people working within the entertainment industry on shows about law enforcement.

The producers of (better than you think) series S.W.A.T. have stated that they will address the issue thematically in the next season of the show:

SWAT' Season 3, Episode 11 Release Date: When Does the CBS Show ...

Writer Tom Scharpling, formerly a writer on Monk has started a movement in the US with actors and writers from shows in which they’ve portrayed cops are donating to charity Act Blue.

This was followed up on by Griffin Newman (Arthur on The Tick) who played a cop in two episodes of Blue Bloods. He has since donated his recent residuals cheque. Here’s Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Stephanie Beatriz also publicly making a payment:

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Here is an Instagram post by cool guy and TV writer Craig Gore:


Craig Gore was hired as a Co-Executive Producer of the new Law & Order: SVU spin-off series starring Christopher Meloni.

Here is a comment he made in the Instagram comments:

And this is what Law & Order boss Dick Wolf said in response via a statement:

Understandably Christopher Meloni, who is very active on Twitter, had some comments he wanted to make:

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I really love character actor Jerry Adler. The first place I discovered him was on the terrible Tony Danza sitcom Hudson Street, but my interest in him escalated when I saw him in the recurring role of Hesh in The Sopranos.

In this week’s Talking Sopranos they talk about the casting of the show and in it was the revelation that Jerry Adler wasn’t originally cast in the role. It was going to be Jerry Stiller, but he pulled out because he was filming a commercial on the same day that his scenes in the pilot were to be shot.

The movie Just Mercy starred Michael B Jordan and looked at the life work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson. Warner Bros will be making it available to rent for free through the usual digital stores. I believe this will be US-only, however.

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Fans of SBS On Demand series Robbie Hood will be enthused to know that there is talk of a prequel series. Source: TV Tonight

Twitter can be an amazing place. You never know which way a conversation may turn.

Here is former Glee actor Samantha Ware quote tweeting former co-star Lea Michele. Just fantastic.

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