The Beatles: Get Back was planned as a theatrical documentary, but it will instead now run as a three-part, two-hour apiece series for Disney+. Peter Jackson directs the doco - it's yet another of his recent fantastic documentaries that have revitalised old footage to give them a contemporary look and feel.

To put the film together, Jackson culled from over 60 hours of footage captured by Let It Be director Michael Lindsay-Hogg in January 1969. The Beatles: Get Back will mark the first time the band’s iconic, final rooftop performance will be seen in its entirety.

“In many respects, Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s remarkable footage captured multiple storylines,” Jackson said. “The story of friends and of individuals. It is the story of human frailties and of a divine partnership. It is a detailed account of the creative process, with the crafting of iconic songs under pressure, set amid the social climate of early 1969. But it’s not nostalgia—it’s raw, honest, and human. Over six hours, you’ll get to know The Beatles with an intimacy that you never thought possible.”

I had zero interest in this project until I watched this restored music video. Oh. My.

Peter Jackson’s Beatles Documentary Extended to Six Hours, Will Stream on Disney+
Originally scheduled for theatrical release, The Beatles: Get Back is now a three-part miniseries, out this fall

TeeVee Snacks

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  • Variety asks the reasonable question: Where are the TV shows set in college. Read: Variety
  • It seems like there will be a new Doctor Who timed with the 60th anniversary of the Brit childrens show. Read: Dark Horizons
  • The Wiggles will soon be available on Loop Media's music videos streaming service. Read: Deadline
  • Will Smith will star in a Netflix variety special. Read: C21
  • RIP Netflix drama Grand Army. No... I'm not sure wht it was either. Read: Deadline

Looking back at The Lonely Guy

Something worth taking a read through today is Nathan Rabin's look back at the 1984 Steve Martin movie The Lonely Guy. It stars Martin, with a great supporting turn by actor Charles Grodin, as a man out of a relationship at a certain age where he is trying to come to terms with the idea that a romantic life might be behind him.

The film isn't great, but the film has an interesting, deeply human, idea at the core of it. Plus the film does have some really strong laughs throughout. I watched it for the first time a few months ago and thought Nathan Rabin really got to the core of why this film is such a curiosity today (and not just a forgotten title in the Steve Martin filmography).

The concept of the lonely guy has changed dramatically in the thirty-seven years since Steve Martin starred as the title character in 1984’s The Lonely Guy, a Neil Simon-adapted big-screen adaptation of Bruce Jay Friedman’s 1978 best-seller The Lonely Guy’s Guide to Life.

We’re less innately sympathetic towards straight white sad sacks who want sex and relationships but don’t know how to go about getting them. We’re less likely to see these figures as cute, harmless and pitiable than problematic and toxic.

These days lonely guys are sometimes known and feared as angry Incels. If they self-identify as “nice guys”, or loudly profess that they’re not like other guys (#Notallmen) then they are held in even greater suspicion.
My World of Flops, One Is the Floppiest Number Case File #181 The Lonely Guy (1984) — Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place
Charles Grodin is hilarious and heartbreaking in one of his best and most overlooked performances as the world’s saddest man in the otherwise middling 1984 comedy The Lonely Guy.

Trailer Park

The Shrink Next Door debuts Nov 12 on Apple TV+. It stars Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, and Kathryn Hahn.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork debuts on Netflix June 30.

This three-part docuseries, premiering June 30, examines one of Ireland’s most famous murder cases, the death of French producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier in the town of Schull, West Cork in 1996.

Young Royals debuts on Netflix July 1.

Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

How I Became a Superhero debuts on Netflix July 9

In a world where humans and superheroes coexist, a lone wolf cop teams up with a bright detective to dismantle a dark plot to extract superpowers.

Murder By The Coast debuts on Netflix June 23.

In 1999, teen Rocío Wanninkhof is murdered. Her mother's ex-partner, Dolores Vázquez, is suspected. Did she do it? A second victim reveals the truth.

The Hype is coming soon to HBO Max.

The series, due this summer, features 10 streetwear professionals who will compete in challenges to prove they can talk the talk and deliver the product.

Archibald's Next Big Thing returns July 15 for season 3 on Peacock.

Aardman Animation's Christmas special Robin Robin debuts at the end of the year on Netflix.

What's next? Tomorrow.

Actually, no... What's next is you watching this clip of a man performing Take On Me by slapping his face.

Happy Friday.