Game of Thrones may air its final episode in 2019, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still live the Westeros life - from 2020, you can take part in a Game of Thrones studio tour in Ireland to visit the sets of the HBO drama.

HBO is turning one of the show’s former studios in Northern Ireland into a 110,000-square-foot tourist attraction. The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will be an interactive exhibition of the show’s sets, costumes, weapons and other props, and include exhibits that break down how the technically ambitious fantasy blockbuster was made. It will open in spring 2020.

Source: New York Times

Oreos has made the Game of Thrones opening credits far more delicious-looking in this new commercial:

This October, you’ll believe a man can laugh.

After just two episodes, The Atlantic’s Sophie Gilbert says the Twilight Zone reboot pales in comparison to the original. For what it’s worth, the first two episodes of the original run weren’t really staggeringly great.

She does raise one point that I think is important when considering the new series:

This particular reboot has another problem, something that bedevils virtually every streaming show: Its episodes are way too long. Serling’s The Twilight Zonetied its stories up neatly within 30 minutes, including space for commercials. The brevity of the format dispensed with extraneous waffling—there was no time, for example, to show a comedian delivering the same joke about the Second Amendment five separate times. But there was space for a surprising amount of world-building (Serling’s narration did a lot of work here), and for a tidy one-act play that zips along. “The Comedian,” by contrast, is 54 minutes long. (It’s worth remembering that in 1963, The Twilight Zone’s running time was stretched to 60 minutes, but after one season the change was swiftly reversed.)

There’s nothing in the first two episodes that couldn’t be done in under 30 minutes just as effectively.

Source: The Atlantic

Speaking of The Twilight Zone, there’s now an Australian airdate. Opting against using it to actually drive subscriptions to pay service 10 All Access, the CBS-owned Channel 10 are screening the show Thursday nights at 10:30pm from 18 April. Baffling.

Source: TV Tonight

Great news fan of JAG - Series stars Catherine Bell and David James Elliot are being teamed up for a recurring stint on NCIS: LA, reprising their JAG characters. The move is apparently being used as a potential way to see if there is interest in a JAG revival series. Would that then be branded as NCIS: JAG?

Source: Deadline

And finally…

With the commencement of global streaming services like Netflix & Amazon commissioning and distributing its own TV internationally, it feels like there is less and less of a space for international TV sales. Longtime international sales vet Armando Nuñez Jr spoke with Variety about some of the notable sales he’s made over the years - from Moonlighting to Pacific Drive to Star Trek: Discovery.

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