Reality celebrity hamburger restaurant show Wahlburgers is coming to an end after 5 years and 10 seasons on 31 July. Before you light your candle of remembrance, know that the show has been wildly beneficial for the Wahlberg clan.

When the show premiered in 2014, brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul were scouting Boston properties to open a second Wahlburgers location. When the series wraps up, there will be Wahlburgers restaurants in nearly 20 U.S. states, Canada and the U.K.

Source: TV Line

The thing that has me most interested this week is the launch of a new CNN show on Facebook Watch. Go There is a daily news program that is not dissimilar to podcasts like The Daily or Today Explained.

Each 10- to 15-minute, square-formatted episode will zero in on a single topic, such as climate change, race and identity, immigration and economic inequality. The show’s premiere episode will concentrate on gun control with reporting from Detroit’s so-called “Red Zone,” a hotbed of gang violence, said Cullen Daly, executive producer of digital productions at CNN.

What is interesting about it is the format and presentation style. I haven’t seen it yet (it debuts in about an hour or so from the time I am writing this), but it is not filmed like a traditional CNN special. Instead, made for mobile consumption, it’ll be filmed with reporters talking into their phones, is conversational, and more in the style of YouTube and Instagram than it is a Facebook Watch show. Each episode will also have a progress bar on top of the screen.

This is a traditional broadcaster using Facebook’s platform (and money) to develop a show that would be a better fit on other platforms. Which is likely what Facebook Watch actually needs.

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New Netflix mini-series Green Frontier (‘Fontera Verde’) looks wild.

Green Frontier follows the story of a "young detective and her partner who travel deep into the Amazon, on the border of Brazil and Colombia, to investigate a series of bizarre murders. They soon realize that there’s more intrigue to the jungle than the homicides, as they come across a mysterious indigenous tribe with an extraordinary secret that they will go to great lengths to protect."

UltraViolet shuts down for good on Wednesday this week. If you have UltraViolet digital files, you’d be best off spending tonight logging in and transferring them or else you’re going to lose them forever.

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A Friends pop-up store will open in New York to mark the shows 25th anniversary.

Named "The One with the Pop-Up," as a nod to the episode titles of creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman's long-running series about six well-dressed best friends who hung out in the fictitious Central Perk coffee shop and sometimes went to work, the space will include set re-creations, props and costumes.

I’ll, meanwhile, be marking the 25th anniversary of ER with another rewatch of that show’s 14 seasons…. or maybe just the pilot and a few others.

Source: CNN

American Horror Story: 1984 takes its inspirations from slasher camp movies. A trailer has just dropped.

Honestly, I have never really found much value in YouTube as part of my daily video diet. People spend hours a day on the platform, but I’ve never really found that to be that appealing (which isn’t to say I don’t fall down a YouTube hole every so often).

But the DailyDinkster YouTube channel has me rethinking my relationship with the platform. Every day the channel posts the same 7-second clip from Spy Kids 3 featuring Bill Paxton as The Dinkster. Each clip is numbered for easy reference.

This is post 1241:

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And finally…

Adhering to the original vision of Gene Roddenberry is this branded Deep Space Nine pokie machine:

Auto Draft

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