Rather than deal with escalating post-production costs, the new management of Warner Bros Discovery have canned the already-filmed Batgirl movie. Also killed off was the $40 million Scoob!: Holiday Haunt.

Word has it that the film didn't meet the scale and spectacle that Warners want from its theatrical releases and that such a large budget movie didn't make sense on a streaming service. That makes sense to a certain degree, but you'd think that with at least $80m already sunk into production on this film that they would see it through.

I'd be surprised if we NEVER see this movie. It'll be dusted off at some stage and released into the world - this IP is too big, too noticable, to never get a release. It's exactly the sort of title Warner Bros execs will be asked about in every interview until it gets a release.

‘Batgirl’ and ‘Scoob!: Holiday Haunt’ Scrapped at Warner Bros. Amid Cost-Savings Push
The DC feature was budgeted at around $80 million, with costs rising to nearly $90 million due to COVID-19 protocols.

Speaking of dumb movie release news...

If you want to see the new Ashley Benson movie 18 & Over, it is being released digitally. It is reportedly an erotic slasher film and it will see release next week.

So far, that seems pretty normal, right?

Now, y'see, when I say it is being released digitally, what I mean to say is that in order to see the film, you will need to buy a US$263 NFT which will give you some digital art to call your own plus a link to watch the movie within a 2-month window. But be quick - there are only 10,000 of these NFTs on the market.

Of course, after that two-month window, the film will then be sold for distribution in the normal ways a film is.

Ashley Benson’s Erotic Slasher Pic ‘18 & Over’ Is Releasing Next Week — Available Only to Buyers of a $263 NFT
If you think the price of early-access premium VOD movies from major studios is steep, this will make your eyes roll. For the launch of “18 & Over,” an indie horror film starring, p…

Everybody STILL Hates Chris

Remember the live-action family comedy Everybody Hates Chris? The good news is that the show which you kind-of remember watching 2-3 times back in the day is coming back as an animated series. The new show will have Chris Rock back voicing the narrator.

Everybody Still Hates Chris: Animated Reboot Ordered to Series — Chris Rock Returning as Narrator and EP
It’s been more than a decade since Everybody Hates Chris ended its run on The CW, and guess what? Everybody Still Hates Chris.

Are we at PEAK Peak TV?

FX boss John Landgraf was the guy that popularised the term "peak TV". Every year at the Television Critics Association he would present analysis of the US TV market and the ever-increasing number of original scripted series being produced. As per Landgraf, that increasing number will peak this year.

He has made this claim before.

I’m going to foolishly make another prediction, which is that 2022 will be the high watermark ... In other words, that it will mark the peak of the peak TV era. It will take a year and a half to find out if I’m right this time, or we’ll have to eat crow yet again.

So far there have been 357 original scripted series launched by the end of June. That's 16% up on last year. Last year by the end of Dec there were 559 orignal scripted shows - the current peak.

FX’s John Landgraf Predicts That 2022 Will Now Be the ‘Peak’ of the ‘Peak TV’ Era
John Landgraf admits that he was wrong before about Peak TV — but he’s sticking his neck out again. “I’m going to foolishly make another prediction, which is that 2022 will be the…
  • Skeet Ulrich (remember him?) will appear opposite Giancarlo Esposito in the new AMC drama The Driver. Read: TV Insider
  • An actual star, Jake Gyllenhaal, will lead a new remake of Road House for Amazon Prime Video. Read: Variety
  • The BBC has cancelled panel show Mock The Week after 17 years. Read: The Guardian
  • Warner Bros Discover has ordered 149 hours of UK unscripted content. Read: Variety
  • The First Lady will not be renewed for a second season by Showtime. It featured a dull Viola Davis performance. Read: Variety
  • Disney+ is being added to Foxtel set top boxes in Australia. Read: Mediaweek
  • Good Trouble has been renewed for a fifth season. Read: Deadline
  • Elisabeth Moss will star in Hulu limited series The Veil. It is from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. Read: THR
  • Warner Bros is staging a Game of Thrones convention in LA this December. Read: TV Insider
  • Elvis debuts on HBO Max next week, following 45 days of cinema exclusivity.

Atlanta returns for its fourth and final season Sept 15 on FX.

4-episode miniseries Lost Ollie debuts on Netflix August 24.

Heathers: The Musical debuts on Roku Channel Sept 16.

The Brave Ones debuts on Netflix Sept 16.

Created by renowned film director, writer and actor Akin Omotoso, the captivating six-episode series unfolds in the parallel worlds of modern-day South Africa and the supernatural world of African gods and divine beings.

Heartbreak High debuts on Netflix Sept 14.

Can you believe it is Wednesday already?