Tell me about Treadstone - the TV series spin-off from The Bourne Identity series of films.

Could there be ongoing talks about local streamer Stan being the Australian home of Disney+/Hulu content in Australia. Unless Disney is worried about having to produce local content for the Aus market, I don’t really see the value in the deal for Disney. With a Disney+ launch inching closer, there’ll be more news on this in the weeks to come, no doubt.

Source: AFR

Maybe The OA wasn’t actually cancelled after-all and what we heard from Netflix was part of a much larger conceptual artistic statement that is the prelude to The OA taking a bigger step into the real world.

At Vulture they are going deep into the web of metatextual commentary from the 2nd season finale and accompanying social media posts and Reddit theories.

(Hot tip: It was probably just cancelled).

Source: Vulture

And finally…

I was somewhat taken by this ‘what if Seinfeld was made today…’ art piece.