Back in 2008 Warren Beatty produced a 30-minute TV special in which film critic and historian Leonard Maltin interviewed Beatty in character as Dick Tracy. The special aired just the one time, on TCM.

Beatty had starred in and directed the 1990 Disney film Dick Tracy and was involved in a lawsuit against Tribune over the rights to the character 15-ish years later. It is assumed that this one-off TV special was produced to keep the rights in Beatty's hands.

Why is this being discussed today? On Friday night, TCM aired a second Warren Beatty / Dick Tracy special. It is understood that Beatty approached TCM about airing the special and, like in 2008... who could say no to something like this.

This special is far more bonkers than the original with the 85 year-old Beatty having a Zoom chat with Ben Mankiewicz and Leonard Maltin. They discuss Tracy's dislike of the 1990 film and the actor's portrayal of him. There's also a conversation between Tracy and Beatty. It is all highly meta and odd.

What I don't understand is this: Beatty is far too old to be playing Dick Tracy in a new film. If he is a fan of the character and is intent on keeping the rights until his dying days, why not use his clout to get a new film made - one that he can guide as the producer. What Dick Tracy fan wouldn't want to see a new Dick Tracy movie?

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