“Uma… Oprah… Oprah… Uma”

It has been 25 years since David Letterman hosted the Academy Awards and BOMBED. He bombed real hard.

Scott Feinberg at THR interviewed David Letterman, looking back at the awards. It’s the best thing I’m expecting to read all year.

I had a bunch of jokes that I had gotten from various sources, and I had them iron-clad rote memorized. So I knew that — laugh, don’t laugh, I don’t care — I’m going to get through those jokes ... and hopefully they would get laughs. I kind of felt like, “Okay, here’s what I’m going out with.” And at the last minute, this tremendous, tremendous idea is offered to me from Rob Burnett, who was our head writer at the time [on Late Show], which was to go out and, “Hi, thanks, welcome to the show,” and then go right to introducing Oprah to Uma, and then it was going to be paid off by having them say hello to Keanu. And by the way, this is a solid idea that I would do today if those three people were ever in the same room with me again — which seems unlikely, now that I think about it.

Read the interview: THR

The TV legend opens up for the first time in a deep-dive comedy analysis of how and why his 1995 Academy Awards emcee gig bombed: "My personality was attacking itself."

Time. It’s a flat circle, y’know. And it has brought back together True Detective star Matthew McConaughey and creator Nic Pizzolatto for a new show at FX.

“Redeemer” is inspired by Patrick Coleman’s debut novel “The Churchgoer.” It follows a former minister turned dissolute security guard (McConaughey), whose search for a missing woman in Texas leads him through a corruption and criminal conspiracy, as his past and present impact and entwine around a mystery of escalating violence and deceit.

Source: Variety

Rani Molla at Recode has this look at how Netflix is doing a lot more with a substantially smaller library. Of course, I think it is always worth noting that a bigger library doesn’t necessarily mean it is a better library. There used to be a whole lot of really cheap crap on Netflix back in the day. And some really good things like the Police Academy movies. Swings and roundabouts.

Source: Recode

Yesterday in the newsletter I mentioned the bidding war for Palm Springs. Well, it turns out that the sale to Hulu yielded the biggest sale in Sundance history by a dirty 69 cents. The film was sold for a cool $17,500,000.69. Previous record holder was Birth of a Nation. Did that film ever end up being released?

Source: Variety

It will only cost you US$15.99 to subscribe to Pokémon Home, the new online storage solution for all of your Pokémon needs.

Or something. I’ll admit that I don’t really understand Pokémon.

Source: Polygon

A Pokémon Home infographic

Oh, wait. This image explains everything.

Remember the good old days when corporations used to debut their expensive Super Bowl commercials during the Super Bowl? Now we are bombarded with these commercial entertainments for days leading into the American sporting event.

One of these commercials is a promo for new Amazon show Hunters, which I’m legit excited about.

I am the same age as Bart Simpson. Does this mean I am now the same age as Homer Simpson? As per Simpsons EP Al Jean:

Have you ever seen the film Under The Skin? It was a really cool, under-the-radar sort-of sci-fi film starring Scarlett Johansson as an alien (probably?) who seduced and murdered a whole bunch of men across Scotland. It’s a delightfully creepy, sexy, baffling film that is absolutely perfect.

And now they might be turning it into a TV show. I’m not sure I really understand why. Thankfully it seems like it might not happen due to internal conflicts between rights-holding studios.

Source: Deadline

Under The Skin

And finally…

It’s another Super Bowl commercial. And boy is this weird.