You would not be surprised to find out that smash hit series Yellowstone is now the foundation for almost all of Paramount's new series. If it isn't a direct spin-off, the show is at least being broadcast directly after Yellowstone to get a ratings push. What is a bigger brand now: Yellowstone or Sylvester Stallone? The answer involves a stetson.

Paramount is betting big on an audience appetite for Yellowstone and is making moves to support that as best they can. In news today:

  • The Taylor Sheridan-produced Bass Reeves drama series for Paramount+ starring David Oyelowo is getting a rebrand: 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. It's now officially part of the Yellowstone universe, adopting the brand of Yellowstone prequel series 1883. Read: Deadline
  • Another Paramount+ Taylor Sheridan show Tulsa King, that's the one starring Sylvester Stallone, will debut Nov 13. The first 2 episodes will also be broadcast on The Paramount Network, airing after the season5 return of Yellowstone. Read: Deadline
  • Taylor Sheridan's 6666, another Yellowstone spin-off, was originally announced for Paramount+. It will now broadcast on The Paramount Network (but I'd assume you'll still find it on Paramount+). Read: TV Insider

For Your Consideration...

You're watching an awards show. You're getting angry at the TV screen.

"How could they give XXXX the award for XXXX? XXXX was the better XXXX," you'll scream. "Did they not see XXXX?"

The element you are missing from this is exposure to months-long campaigning by studios and talent representatives to win these awards. These are not won on the night - it's won by expensive, extensive campaigns.

Today Variety looks at the For Your Consideration stunt activations set up to lure attention and, subsequently, votes.

After two years of COVID-19 protocols that kept campaigning mostly virtual, Prime Video returned with that mansion in Los Angeles’ Benedict Canyon, which has become a sure-fire conversation starter. To get to the estate, Emmy voters must first find its “prestigious gates” (that’s the property’s real estate listing talking, not us) in what is technically the Beverly Glen neighborhood, adjacent to Beverly Hills.

From there, guests drive up a lengthy, windy path — past other homes that are huge, but minuscule in comparison to property’s main event. High on top of the hill sits the home, estimated to be worth $16.3 million.

A large man-made lake sits behind the manor, which has been formatted by Amazon into spaces promoting its Emmy contenders. That includes a sitting room with tea treats themed to “A Very British Scandal,” an art gallery devoted to “As We See It,” a sound bath “void” room for “Outer Range” and more.
How Emmy Campaigns Are Trying to Outdo Each Other With Bigger and Pricier FYC Spaces
It’s a house that “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” could only dream of. Visitors to Amazon’s Prime Experience event space this year have encountered something that’s definitely unlike any other FYC pop-…
  • The HBO Max Wonder Twins movie is officially dead. Read: THR
  • The Hills returns with an all-new cast. While the show will be made by MTV, this new version will air on The Paramount Network in the US. Read: Deadline
  • Tooning Out The News will move from Paramount+ to Comedy Central in the US. Read: Deadline
  • Netflix has been running focus group screenings of advance content for the past year in the US. Read: Variety
  • Chris Wallace is the big winner of the CNN+ debacle. His CNN+ show will live on, now airing on the CNN regular channel Sunday nights and streaming via HBO Max. Read: LA Times
  • Discovery+ will stream a special examining the indescretions of Armie Hammer and those of his family. Sounds tasty. Read: Variety
  • Disney expects most subscribers will eventually move over to its ad-supported plan. Read: Variety
  • Why is Marvel Studios licencing Stan Lee's likeness? Read: The Verge

She Hulk: Attorney At Law debuts August 17 on Disney+. She's a Single Female Lawyer, y'see...

June 9 is when you can see the rebooted Queer As Folk. It debuts on Peacock.

Jennifer Lopez promo video/film Halftime will debut on Netflix June 8.

Fairfax returns June 10 for season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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