It’s a quiet week for new things.

The new CBS drama The Red Line has ER star Noah Wyle’s latest return to TV in a drama that promises to be an emotional powerhouse show (think: the weepy This Is Us). I’ve always liked Wyle and, outside of his role as John Carter, I don’t think he’s really been cast often in the right roles.

Also out this week is a new Netflix half-hour comedy that stars Christina Applegate and another ER vet Linda Cardellini. I used to love Cardellini in Freaks & Geeks and Mad Men, but my recent ER binge-watch has me well and truly over her. It’s amazing what a long-running terrible character can do to your interest in an actor.

I’m going to take the quiet week to finish my catch-up of episodes of The Twilight Zone. The series hasn’t yet had any stellar, buzzy episodes - it would be well served to offer a few weirdo episodes each season. From what we’ve seen so far, the show is having trouble shaking the slightly conservative, broadcast TV vibe of the original series. It’s been good though for the most part.

The Son - season 2
iZombie - Season 5
The 100 - Season 6


Dead To Me - Netflix

Stars: Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, Edward Asner

Two women meet at a support group after tragic losses and become unlikely friends despite their polar-opposite personalities.

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The Red Line - CBS

Stars: Noah Wyle, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Noel Fisher

A heart-in-your-throat drama, Red Line begins with the mistaken shooting of a black doctor at the hands of a white cop and unfolds from the perspective of each of the families connected to the tragedy. It's a then-and-now meets us-and-them tale about the often-personal politics of crime.

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