A TV adaptation of the Tom Wolfe book (and subsequent movie) The Right Stuff was due to debut on National Geographic, but through the wonders of corporate vertical integration, the 8-episode mini-series will now debut on Disney+.

When asked who was excited about this news:

You can read more detail about the series and shift to Disney+ over at Deadline. There’s also this behind the scenes video of the production that you can watch. The series blasts off in the US fall.

Good news Bright fans, the Will Smith/Joel Edgerton Netflix film is getting a sequel.  Louis Leterrier will direct it.

Sources said that the Bright sequel picks up the travails of the odd partnership, but sets it on an international stage. Bought by Netflix after a ferocious spec package auction, the film got so-so reviews, but it was important in that it got the streamer in business with Smith, and now big movie stars routinely top line Netflix film and TV series.

This all begs the question: What is a fandom of Bright called? Bright-heads? The Bright Brigade? Bright Boys?

Source: Deadline

Netflix Firms 'Bright' Sequel With Will Smith – Deadline

Here’s your first proper look at the upcoming Space Force. It debuts on May 29.

Fans of The Walking Dead might want to load up their PSVR helmets and go fight some zombies. The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners is now available. In this day and age of the stupid virus, maybe there’s something cathartic you can achieve with this.

Source: VR Focus

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery finished filming. Post-production work on the series is underway, so we should see it within the next few months.

From Trek to Wars, there are more confirmations coming through about the director line-up for the second season of The Mandalorian. This is a show that has been really smart about getting really strong talent on board to direct what has become a fairly unique series.

The first is Robert Rodriguez who has confirmed his rumoured involvement:

And Down With Love director Peyton Reed:

There’s a fun article over at the New York Times with 11 TV writers talking about what they’ve been watching during the quarantine. If nothing else, there’s some good suggestions and a couple of deeper dives, which is nice.

Read: NYT

If you’ve blitzed through the first season of the sneakily good series Upload, you might want to check out this spoiler-filled article with quotes from Greg Daniels and the cast about the first season finale & the future direction of the series if it gets its second season.

Read: Collider

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