The worldwide success of Bodyguard on Netflix means that a show intended to run as a one-and-done season is now open to a potential follow-up. Here’s Richard Madden talking about its future:

“I’m having a conversation with [creator Jed Mercurio] in about ten days or something, when I’m back in the country, and we are just going to chat through some ideas.

We never intended to make another one and I don’t know, I’m excited to see what he’s got, especially because David [Budd] had quite a busy couple of months. So what do we do with him next? Because he probably needs a break… but him, on the beach with a pina colada, I don’t think people are going to watch that as much. Less anxiety though, I would like less anxiety.

It’s just thrilling that a little show that didn’t have a huge budget and just had a bunch of actors working really hard, it’s really inspiring that that has done well and not for any kind of glory, we just thought we were making a show we want to.”

It launched in 1992, but somehow it took until 2018 to launch the musical based on New Zealand’s weeknight soap Shortland Street.

Scattered through the songs are enough knowing winks to ensure the audience never stops laughing. The first years are so iconic you don't even have to have been alive in 1992 to appreciate the nods to the past: Chris sleeping with the yoga instructor, Carrie Burton's classic "Guatemala" line, a wayward truck ruining Christmas Day for everyone.

Everything from the uniforms to Lionel's muffin cart has been recreated, showing an attention for detail that elevates Auckland Theatre Company's high-budget show above some amateur tribute act.

Part of Conan O’Brien’s newfound bid for relevancy (I’m not being dismissive…he’s open about the fact that he’s doing that), he has launched a podcast series. Episode one of Conan Needs a Friend has him interviewing Will Ferrell.

Noel Murray has noticed just how much the television of today has been resembling the cinema of the 1970s.

This ’70s fetish isn’t limited to shows about killers and shady government operations. As a horror filmmaker, Mike Flanagan has often called back to the past, in movies like Oculus and Ouija: Origin Of Evil; and he does the same in his Netflix adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting Of Hill House, which is like The Amityville Horror crossed with Ingmar Bergman’s Cries And Whispers. The Netflix western Godless (written and directed by two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank) draws on the mythopoetic Americana and unapologetic brutality of ’70s Sam Peckinpah. And if you look closely at Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, you’ll see some of the spooky atmospherics of classic ’70s “devil movies,” like The Omen.

Have you ever truly found yourself at a truly awful function where you just don’t have anything in common with other people there and you desperately need to get out?

The promotional video for Fox Nation has just been revealed via Jason Lynch at Adweek.

“Fox Nation isn’t just an on-demand, subscription OTT service. It’s a members-only destination, a club that we want people to join,” said John Finley, svp of development and production.

I’ve lost a large chunk of this month already to playing Red Dead Redemption. But I haven’t yet discovered any of these weirdo easter eggs, revealing a strong supernatural undercurrent to the wild west of the game. Apparently hidden in the game are UFO’s, vampires, and more.

For all the complaints that there is so much TV around these days, I tend to dismiss much of it. You don’t have to watch everything - just pay attention and watch what sounds interesting to you. But, I’ll admit that YouTube stepping up its game with its Originals is making it a challenge.

Wayne is a new series from the writers of Zombieland.

“Episodes” vet Iain B. MacDonald directed the “Wayne” pilot, while creator Shawn Simmons is a writer on the 10-episode series, set to premiere on YouTube Premium early next year. “Zombieland” and “Deadpool” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick serve as executive producers on the series. (The show even has a logo in a giant Impact-like font to let you know it’s not here to play nice.)

It’s been a busy year for YouTube Premium, with the surprise hit “Cobra Kai” (which has a Season 2 already on its way), the very solid “Jumper” series remix “Impulse,” and the sci-fi Paul W.S. Anderson-ness of “Origin,” a haunted space adventure with British genre vets. Next up on the service’s docket: “Champaign ILL,” a comedy with stars Adam Pally, Sam Richardson, and Jay Pharoah that will debut next month.

I’m rather keen on the upcoming ABC TV series Frayed, which is heading into production. Comedian Sarah Kendall stars as an Australian woman living in the UK who must return home in disgrace after her well-to-do husband has a fatal heart attack while with a prostitute. Peep Show’s Robert Webb has just joined the cast, which thrills me.

Though, it does make me wonder - when will we see a second series of his UK comedy Back?

The season return of No Activity (US) has Jake Johnson delivering an apology that is actually Louis CK’s apology cribbed word for word.

And finally…

Frankly, this is the list we all knew was coming. I’m just amazed it has taken this long for Vulture to do its list of the 18 best dogs from Netflix series Dogs.