Willow. Is. Back.

Not a day goes by where the world is asking where the follow-up is to the 1988 Ron Howard fantasy movie Willow. The big news today is that it is coming to Disney+ as a TV series.

Willow will be set years after the film and introduce new characters into its world of fairy queens and monsters.  Warwick Davis will return as the titular Willow.

Source: THR

Stream & Drive

AT&T are seeking to bring more video entertainment to your car. The company has partnered with General Motors to bring WarnerMedia’s library to customers on the go via new platform WarnerMedia Ride. It’s for customers who have in-car Wi-Fi hotspots connected to AT&T’s wireless network.

This sounds like a really smart idea.

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Not Happy Days for everyone

An online Happy Days reunion panel is being staged as a Biden fundraiser.

But not everyone from the original show is set to appear…

Go Go Power Rangers!

It’s the End of the F---ing World’s creator Jonathan Entwistle is now the man running Hasbro’s efforts to launch a multi-platform Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers extended universe.

What I find interesting about this is that they’re talking about this as a brand reinvigoration that will stretch across multiple media types. Will that include new TV shows? I ask because the TV show that kicked off the franchise has never stopped being made. Yes, the original cast and characters are all mostly long-gone, but every year there have been episodes produced of Power Ranger action with the show rebooted every few seasons. The current incarnation of the show is to be called Power Rangers Dino Fury and it’ll debut in 2021. It is using footage from the Japanese series Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.

Source: THR

Power-Rangers-and -Jonathan-Entwistle

TeeVee Snacks

  • Jake Gyllenhaal will star in The Son, a new Denis Villeneuve limited TV series for HBO based on a Jo Nesbø book. The Son is not to be confused with the Pierce Brosnan show The Son, which nobody remembers even though it ran two seasons and finished only last year. Source: Indiewire
  • Rainn Wilson is narrating and producing We Are The Champions, a new Netflix series highlighting unusual competitions. It starts Nov 17. Source: Variety
  • If, like me, you have been up all night wondering who will play Prince Charles in the final season of The Crown, wonder no more: Dominic West. Source: Indiewire
  • Australian sentiment for the ABC is trending downwards. Source: TV Tonight
  • High School is a coming of age story based on the memoir by Tegan and Sara. Source: Deadline
  • The not-good Netflix space melodrama Away has been cancelled after one long 10-episode first season. Source: Variety

Trailer Park

Mando is back October 30.

The Flight Attendant is coming to HBO Max Nov 26.

Trash Truck debuts Nov 10 on Netflix. Clear your calendars.

Six-year-old Hank and his best buddy - a giant honking, snorting trash truck - go on lots of fun adventures, from learning to fly to going to the movies.

In Wonder is a documentary featuring Shawn Mendes and debuts on Netflix Nov 23.

Eater’s Guide To The World debuts on Hulu Nov 11.

What’s next?