Hello Watchers,

It’s Monday morning. The self-isolation continues. I thought I might start sharing with you my media diet on a regular basis - it might give you some ideas of things to watch/read/listen to while you are living your own self-isolation best-self.

My weekend:

  • Season 3 of Amazon drama Bosch (I really like the show, but I feel like every season demands I watch it in one sitting, so it always takes me some time to get started. It doesn’t need to be watched in one sitting - that’s just me being odd).
  • The Good Wife - Season 1 rewatch. I’m up to episode 17 having watched about 12 episodes since Fri night. (Streaming in Australia on Ten All Access, in the US on Hulu & Amazon Prime Video).
  • Two episodes of 80s sitcom Night Court that I found on an illicit streaming site.
  • A podcast series called Striped, which tells the story of the band The White Stripes. The podcast is rather good.

Last week in the ABW newsletter I mentioned that CBS This Morning is filming from Stephen Colbert’s studio in the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Variety has a deeper dive into what it takes to get a large-scale studio like This Morning needs up and running in a new location.

Read more: Variety

CBS This Morning Ed Sullivan Theater March 18

AMC has delayed the launch of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It’s almost like they realised audiences may not be so eager for a post-apocalyptic drama right now.

In Mando news…

  • Director Robert Rodriguez has been confirmed as directing at least one episode of the second season of The Mandalorian. Source: Slashfilm
  • Rosario Dawson has been cast in season 2 playing Ahsoka Tano. This is the first time the character has been seen in live action, having been a fixture in the various animated shows from recent years. Source: Again, Slashfilm
rosario dawson asohka tano

Australian cinemas are now closed by order or the govt. I had been considering attending a screening of the 1989 Batman movie on Friday night, but made the decision not to go as I had a mild head cold.

It’s probably the most adult decision I’ve made in my life.

Read more (about the cinemas… not my Batman non-watching): Deadline

Sophie Gilbert at The Atlantic has a piece on the need for comfort TV (which also has an aside on why some people actually prefer watching dark TV shows during a time of crisis - so maybe AMC should be unleashing a new series based on its zombie franchise.

A different kind of comfort comes from watching reruns of shows that you’ve already seen over and over: The Office, Friends, Cheers. It’s “definitely nostalgia,” Cohen said—watching to try to return, momentarily, to a different time, or a moment when everything seemed easier. But also: “There’s a lot of comfort in knowing when something’s going to happen. You don’t have to exert a lot of cognitive energy, so it doesn’t feel taxing.” The familiarity of, say, Frasier’s ego leading to some kind of misunderstanding, or Carla hurling rapid-fire insults at Cliff, is part of the process. Watching this kind of television, Cohen said, that doesn’t require you to invest too much attention or brainpower, can be very effective to relax. “It can make you feel replenished,” she noted, with one important caveat: “If you feel guilty about your pleasures, this study shows that you can’t reap the benefits from them. But if you’re able to give yourself the opportunity to indulge, it can actually be really beneficial.”

Read it in full: The Atlantic

Saturday March 21 marked 25 years since Newsradio first aired on television. This is one of those shows that never quite had the appreciation it deserved when the show initially aired and has subsequently been hard to find. It’s not really streaming anywhere legitimate, which is a damn shame.

If you’re not familiar with the show: it’s a traditionally-filmed mid-90s sitcom, but is a lot more sophisticated than most. It plays at a Seinfeld level quality-wise, but spiritually has a lot more in common with shows that followed it like Community. The writers of the show went on to write/produce shows like Futurama, Flight of The Conchords, The Daily Show, Veep, Silicon Valley, Big Mouth, Atlanta, etc.

You can find a few scattered episodes on YouTube, though most of the shows best episodes have fallen victim to copyright removal claims.

Here’s a random episode that featured a guest turn by Jon Stewart from the days where he used to act in things:

And then there was that time they filmed an entire episode in space AND in the future. It’s something scientists refer to as ‘future space’. The episode is streaming HERE.

What’s next?