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And who am I? My name is Dan Barrett. I’m a TV industry commentator & critic and am very interested in all the ways that we watch and talk about TV. You may have heard me on the radio (Radio national, ABC local, 4BC, and others), or in print in places like Mediaweek, SBS, and The Guardian, or maybe even on one of the countless podcasts I have done over the years.

Every morning (from the ABW head office in Brisbane, Australia), I curate a collection of the news stories that I think are the most important stories to be across each day if you are passionate about TV as an industry and medium. The news, like TV itself, is very US-focused. But I do include interesting stories from the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and elsewhere.

If celebrity gossip is what you’re after, this newsletter probably isn’t going to be what you’re after. But if you want to understand why the video streaming services do what they do, I will help you out with useful news and information.

What to expect from me and my newsletter:

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  • Some context about news stories, often cutting through the BS of it

  • Regular silly jokes and asides.

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Dan Barrett is a TV industry commentator & critic. Former: SBS, Mediaweek, Radio National. He is interested in all the ways that we watch and talk about TV.